Suicide commited by family

Hare Krishna Mataji,My humble pranam!I am an aspiring devotee. Doing just 2 rounds as have fallen many times from more nos. I have a querry. My brother committed suicide 22-23 years ago he was 17 yrs. what can i do for his soul not to be in the immaterial state. How and what should be my conscience as my thoughts always go out for him when i think of him or see something of that sort around.Its very disturbing to know that anyone known who has left us in the suicide or a heartattack doesn’t get another body. My father had a heart attack died near the Cows we had not a devotee how and what can i do so Krishna bless them with his mercy and take them to better place.What is the right procedure to offer my Ekadashi or to do a Bhagwatam Saptah.Please helpSadar pranam

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  • Mahji this group takes tith$ and does (a Monthly Honoring celebration) for the Family Name of the donator(s) & they are Vishnavas. Good luck with that Sincerely hare haray Krishna. AlwaysChant

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  • Mahtaji - 2 rounds is not very much, many times one can find an (image) ? picture of Krishna &- beginning at His feet bow down of-course & then-rise slowly, chanting out-lode. . allow the gaze upon HI=e's stature as you chanting & continue allowing the eyes to encamps more & more of His whole (body,) till the head & face & whole form is faced, be humble & bow with reverence with your prayers. two rounds 3 time a day sounds like a good number tho all glory though to every mantra chanted properly Haray Krishna. sorry to hear about the drop-out men you've encountered. We are not all like that

  • Hare Krishna Mataji.
    My Humble Pranam

    Thank you very much for guiding me. I will do it as nothing is difficult and i will do it with the dedication.

    By the mercy of Krishna and Gauranga i am hoping we will do Bhagwatam this summer. May lord grant us his mercy.

    Ekadashi also now i will do as you have suggested.

    I am very blessed to have got in to KC.

    Hari Bol.
    Your servant
    Shiva Thakur.
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    Very sad to know about your brother and father. Dying of heart attack is a natural death, there is no reason to think he will not get a gross body in next birth. Heart attack happens when the soul leaves the body.

    Suicide is different.

    WHat you can do is:

    1) read all shlokas of Bhagavad Gita for them individually. If that is too much, then read Ch 8. If that is also too much, read 10.8-10.11 - its called chatushloki gita.

    2) arrange a Bhagwath Saptah in both their memory together. If that is not possible, simply read Bhagawatam in the house everyday for them, there is a monthly Bhagawtam also. If that is also not possible, make it a practice to read SB everyday and dedicate the results to them mentally. No ritual required.

    3) Fast on ekadasi for them individually. Maybe you could commit in the beginning - you will do x number of ekadasis for brother and y number of ekadasis for father. Then observe the fast, mentally offering the results to either. THis is very highly recommended.

    Offering results of pious acts is simply a mental offering. Nothing needs to be done separately.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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