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  • Why does one attempt to commit a suicide? 1.When the person is vexed of his life.( OR) show his frustration on someone ( mostly --like in the case of lovers)

    ==>Point to be considered what karma he had done in his past life to be facing these kinda situations in this life!!!!

    Instead of understanding the root cause of this state in this life.. person is trying to end the life.  Most suicide victims are having confusion about this.. ARE WE TRYING TO END OURSELVES or ARE WE TRYING TO END THE PAIN? THIS SHOULD BE CLEAR.

    Because you see. Karma didn't complete.. You had to suffer the pain but u are trying to abruptly end ur life. The karma is not done completely and abruptly ended. 

    You had to suffer the pain, misfortune and have to deal with this somehow. If not this life you will have to deal with it next life. 

    If you did end yourself out of some anger or frustration upon someone.. then you are making a serious karmic bondage now with the person.

    Instead if you opt to deal with the present situation... somehow.. and get over the idea of committing suicide and try to deal with this karma and think of higher purpose of life, then abruptly ending by approaching a Spiritual Master.  He would surely guide you to correct path.

    See You cannot avoid the karma You have to face it.  But if you go thru a spiritual path.. You sure will have some amelioration. You will understand--

    1. What is life?? 

    2. What is karma??

    3. What is the value of human birth??

    4.What be the ultimate goal of life??

    5.What is the higher purpose of this human body?? 

    6..What are the  burn Your past Karma..??

    7.How to end suffering?? 

    8.What is eternal bliss??  

    These questions can be solved if you seek help of a Spiritual guide/guru.

    Human body is most valuable gift of God. It takes 84 lakh births to attain a human birth.  If u abruptly end it you are going back in the cycle. 

    Let us say a person commits suicide. He now is hanging in between mortal world and higher planets. He cannot live like a mortal nor he cannot ascend to higher planets. Because the person still had to live and complete his karmas but he abruptly ended . .his life span on the planet. He has not yet completed, he had to stay for some more time ...but now he cannot as he has no body.  Now this person without soul is called disembodied soul ( Pretatma).  

    The soul even though out of the body is still frustrated.. 1. becoz he is hanging in between mortal world and higher planets.

    2. He ( Pretatma) also has cravings like hunger, thirst, maybe some old passions and habits like intoxication..., sex etc.  This soul is completely frustrated and looks for a body to satisfy its needs.

    He creates problems to himself as well as others, in this way.

    Now this ghost ( pretatma) which is atript ( not satisfied ) wanders and troubles  others.  Trying to seek liberation  ( mukti).  Unless this pretatma meets a Dharmatma ( a Saintly person) it cannot get any mukti.

    It is stated in Srimad Bhagwatam and even in some stories of Ekadashi Vrat.  

    Such pisachas when they, out of some good karmas meet a saint who is ready to transfer his credits of ekadashi vrat to the pisacha then only the atma would be liberated.

    In Srimad Bhagwatam we come across a story of  Atmadev and Dundhali.. (If you can refer.)

    It is stated in that story that Gokarna the saintly son of Atmadev tries for mukti of the corrupted soul of his brother Dundhakaari by arranging a Bhagwat Saptah, and becoz of this he attains mukti.

    Unless a Dharmatma interferes and helps, this soul is not able to get liberation on its own.  It will keep wandering for the rest of the time period which it had to live on the planet troubling all.. 

    In case by any chance it got another body .....also.......This soul has to suffer the karma which he had broken in between. Karma has to be completed.

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    • Hare Krsna. Dandavats pranam. Thank you for such vital information. I have a question about Dharamata. How does one who has comitted suicide find one or does a person close to that victim become the dharmata (a devotee) ?

      How can family members help this victim ?

      Hare Krsna

      YS Nish 

    • correction.. --  Now this person without body +++ is called disembodied soul ( Pretatma).  

      Jai Sri Krishna.

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Suicide is voluntarily giving up the human form of life. As you may be knowing, human form of life is very rare, attained after crossing 80 lakh species of life forms. So one who gives up this form voluntarily do not get another gross body immediately. Our body consists of gross body and subtle body. Gross body comprises earth, water, fire, air and ether. Subtle body is mind, intelligence and false ego. Suppose the life span of the soul in that body was 70 years, but at age 30, the person commits suicide. Then it will not get another gross body for 40 years, it will remain a ghost. 

    As a ghost, the soul will enter other gross bodies and try to enjoy, creating havoc with that body and also, with himself.

    It is not at all advisable to commit suicide. The suffering doesnt end, it only increases.


    YOur servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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