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hare krishna prabhuji

I an a boy of years 17 and I am studying in 2 puc

I have started my Krishna concoiusness 2 years back

This year my result came and i want to be a doctor in future,but my results are slighly bad this year and I am taking the medical exam, next year also but my mother is having so many ambitions upon me and if i wont get medical seat i will definitely going to make suicide,

And I love lord Krishna more than me and I have so many trust on him if also why the lord is doing for me like this please tell me prabhuji

I am chanting hare krishna mahamantrea for 6 rounds

will the lord help me

please tell me

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Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


How can you think of committing suicide if you dont get through medical entrance exams? 

Your mother appears to be putting undue pressure on you - which is not desirable. What you can do is - disconnect emotionally. Do your sadhana very nicely, do your studies very nicely and leave the rest to Krsna. Suppose you dont get through medical entrance, there are still other avenues - you could be a pathologist or some such para medical profession. Dont lose heart. Krsna has a plan for you - have faith on Him and live your life.

No question of taking your life for anything on earth.


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

i also had faced the same situation as u are currently facing..... 

and i didn't take pressure like you are currently taking, i just left on "God, do what u wish,and i would accept without any doubt ".

finally, the pressure,which my family had taken more than me, was solved and i got admission in a good college 

So, i would like to advise you --- just chill and don't take pressure , just chant mantra and believe on Him plus do your study sincerely & honestly...........bcoz God help those who help themselves

and at last,watch this complete video ,it'll 100% motivate you...

Hare Krsna, 

I would like to give you practical tips,

1.Please get it in touch with your COunsellor/Shiksha guru and releal your heart, and understand the trueth

2.Devolope strong faith in the Philosophy with the Association of devotees and Understand that whatever degree you are targetting to achieve will not Ultimately give you happiness, even after getting MBBS you will need to get greedy to become a GOod Earning Doctor, is'nt it?

3.Just to prove to the world do not loose this valuable life which is rare amongs 3.4 million species, 

4.ALWAYS Be Greatefull to your Parents,Teachers and Friends and KRSNA for giving such nice human form and available facilities and just mediate on being greatfull,

Leave everything on time , Your efforts are in your hand but Not RESULT. Krsna says in BG.

Come on move on come on move on MAKE YOUR LIFE LARGE AND SUCCESSFUL by being a Good Devotee.!!!!

Hari Bol

As George Harrison sang " All things must pass!"

We all face good and bad times in our life and it passes eventually. No need to worry so much. At 17 you are just starting life anyways. 


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