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    It is sinful to commit suicide. But if one commits sin like this on the strength of chanting the Holy Names of Krishna, they will receive punishment even more, because it is an big offense to commit sin knowingly. Its called Namaparadh.

    They will receive full punishment by Yamaraj. No chance of coming back as a human.

    Why would Krishna give a person human birth, that throws away, giving it no value?

    Most likely comeback as a Bhuth or Preth. Such existance is a thousand times more painful and should be avoided at all cost.

    If you or a friend of yours is having suicidal thoughts, please consult a Neurologist.

    If one is suffering from depression, caused by bipolar, sleeping 12 hours or more eveyday will greatly help bring normalcy.

    In ayurveda, putting methi seeds in place, at the grove between the skin and nails, of both thumbs, by using tape, can induce one to sleep in just 20 minutes. 10 methi seeds on each thumb.

    Good luck and let me know how goes.

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    How can a person, who has not cultivated the habit to think of the lord at all times, think of the lord at the time he is in utmost trouble - he is facing death. 

    Another major factor is the grace of the lord and His devotees. 

    Its like saying, one has to simply win the race in the olympics by running only100 mtrs, thats all. Is it that simple? Is it possible without practise? Imagine, one olympics requires so much of practise, then when we aim for the highest benediction, which is beyond birth and death, beyond the material world, can we get without practise, without sadhana for lifetimes?

    The story of Ajamila is mentioned in the SB to bring out the level of mercy of the lord, the significance of taking His name even once. That is not the rule, one cannot expect to commit sin all his life and then remember lord at the end. When nothing moves without the will of the lord, then how can the memory of the lord's name be independent of the lord's will.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Hare Krishna,

    A person who does not have grace of Krishna or any acharya cannot even think about krishna in last moment.Hency only a qualified person will be abe to think about krishna in last moment.

  • No,it's not enough.......

    there came a story of Ajamil in Shrimad Bhagwat Puran, where he in his whole life did bad deeds but he did a one good deed which was serving the saints in his younger age, so at the last moment he said NARAYAN...NARAYAN...NARAYAN...SAVE ME...SAVE ME...NARAYAN..NARAYAN..

    although,he was calling his son whom he was playing at that last moment........his son didn't come but the Guards of Lord Narayan came and rescued him from Guards of YAMRAAJ..

    finally, Ajamil understood everything, and then he started to do bhajan/kirtan of Lord Narayan in his rest of life so that his all past bad deeds vanquished and got MOKSHA...

  • may be.....

    bcoz these people are doing 'Moodha Bhakti' means devotion without applying any intelligence..

    such people are really beloved of Krishna iff they really do unique thing only bcoz they're not getting Krishna's conciousness or 'bhakti' even after chanting and following krishna's teachings.

    there come a story of a businessman that he did everyday kirtan of krishna but tears did not come from his eyes.He everytime thought "why tears did not come from his eyes even after doing so much kirtan of krishna". So, he decided to put chilli on his eyes during the kirtan of krishna .So,on the next day, he put chilli on his eyes and wept so much for the first time.Seeing this,saints and other devotees of krishna were surprised and asked him about doing such a crazy thing.He responsed them with tears in eyes.After listening,saints were pleased with them,and told him that "You were true devotee of krishna undoubtedly" and we hoped that krishna would show his mercy onto you.

    After this incident,tears everyday started to come from his eyes whenever he did kirtan of krishna.

    note : tears are most integral part on the path of devotion or bhakti.If tears doesn't come from our eyes,then still we are very far way from the KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS.

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Stupidity??? Somebody will commit suicide so that others dont have to deal with their stupidity? I have never heard anything like this before. IF someone actually does commit suicide because someone else told them the world should be spared their stupidity, then that person should be held for abetment to suicide.

    Regarding the person who ends up committing suicide, it depends on his last thought at the time of leaving the body.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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