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    Please accept my humble obeisances Sanjeev Prabhuji, please could You repeat Your question nicely so that we understand it correctly!

    What do You mean by saying how we know that we are suffering karma?

    Thank You!

    Your servant, 


      First of all, please accept my humble obeisance’s Mata Ji,

      Thank you so much for your reply……

      I mean…In present life, how should I know that I am suffering the karma due to previous life’s/activities?                                                                                                             
      Your servant

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        my humble obeisances Sanjeev Prabhuji, 

        if not so then why we suffer? Then why even a new born child suffers too much? Sometimes due to various pains in the ear, stomach, heart, skin...why? It is from previous life.

        Because soul never dies, we are eternal. But we change material bodies. So in every life time we did many bad things and also many good things. So according to that we get a new body. The shape of our eyes, color of our skin, tone of our voice, particular nationality....these are all due to our previous acts. We cultivated particular desires so got the result.

        How to know it? Just getting knowledge from authorities like Krishna and His true followers-Devotees.

        For example, reading Bhagavad Gita As It Is, isn't it?!

        How we know who is our father? Only by asking our mother. So shastras are like our mother. We were born in ignorance, we did not know who was our father but due course of time when we became intelligent enough our mother told us that he is our father. So in this way we learn other things also.

        Your servant, 

        • Hare Krishna mataji, PAMHO.

          If I kill a mosquito, does it mean that mosquito will become a man in next life and kill me or I am taking revenge of previous life and nullifying our karma, how do we know that.

          Your servant


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            my humble obeisances Prabhuji, 

            in the lecture few years back i heard about killing insects, but it is if we do it unknowingly, if knowingly then the reaction is as big as You told - they will take body of a human after millions of lives and will kill us. But if we kill them unknowingly then reaction we get as a scratch or other skin problems. Or we cut our finger...

            Your servant, 

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