• Dean Prabhu,

    "My dear mother, even if he worships with proper rituals and paraphernalia, a person who is ignorant of My presence in all living entities never pleases Me by the worship of My Deities in the temple."- SB 3.29.24

    The verse itself says that one who is ignorant of the gods presence in all living entities, and one should know the diety not to be a Ordinary stone but to be the god Krishna Himself only then diety Worship is rightly done

    You cannot diffrentiate between Krishna and the form in the temple the lord is Present in the templeand if one thus believes everyone is beneffited 

  • There are 2 aspects. Devotional Service and Pure Devotional Service.

    When a student develops a mood that He is studying for the sake of Krishna so that He is happy ; it is called devotional service. When the student chants and continues in this mood very sincerely and ardently ; there will be a time in His life whereby Krishna enables him to give-up all so-called worldly activities in a way that he can serve Krishna and Him alone that is called "pure devotional service"

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  • Amazing explanation given by Veeral Gandhi Prabhuji. Everything has been made crystal clear

  • Wonderful Explanation... there is no more doubt left in my mind as a reader. Thanks a lot Prabhuji. Hare Krsna.

  • Dean Prabhuji, 

    I respect your opinion that inner temples within a person have more potential to transform his/her spiritual life. But when does a person generally becomes a pious man ? The answer is external temples. True Vaishnava temples are the most auspicious places in this world. Here, we get the association of saints, brahmacharies and sincere devotees. Such associations play an instrumental role in our spiritual development. Lakhs of people have became good Vaishnavas by paying visits to ISKCON temples. Our temples act as a medium to spread the Bhakti Yoga. Lectures are held on a daily basis and this helps in melting stony hearts. If temples were just pieces of rocks, Prabhupad would never have constructed so many beautiful temples worldwide.

    Even in Christianity, temples are most sacred. From the days of the Old Testament, the Lord has commanded His people to build temples-sacred structures where He could teach, guide, and bless them. For example, the Lord told the Israelites to build a portable tabernacle that would be their temple while they traveled in the wilderness (see Exodus 26-27; 40:35). When Jesus Christ was on the earth, the only existing temple was known as the Temple of Herod. Jesus was often found in this temple.

    Krishna does not need temples. Infact, it is we who need temples so that we can offer devotional services to Krishna. 

    Hence, temples play a very important role in shaping our spiritual life.

    Your servant,

    Veeral Gandhi

    • Very Nice Explaination Prabhuji. HARI BOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Studying, jobs etc. are just materialistic things. If they are done with some material fruits in mind, they entangle us in the cycle of births and deaths.

    However, the same studies and job, if done to make Krishna happy, it will become a Bhakti!

    The question is how will Krishna become happy if you study Chemistry, Biology or Physics ? OR how will Krishna become happy, if you work at say Infosys or Cognizant ?

    Let me make it simple by giving an example :

    If a devotee student studies with a thinking that "If I study well, I will score more marks due to which, I will get a good job and then I will donate good amount of money to build Krishna temples and this will help in spread of Bhakti worldwide. I am not doing it for myself, I am doing this for Krishna. If Krishna is pleased with me, I will get a ticket to Golokdham and go there by Garuda Airlines! : ) " If you study this way, your studies will not entangle you : )

    Enjoy studying!   

    • Hare Krishna!
      Thank you for taking your time to reply, Prabhujis. Both of you have made very interesting points. Thank you for the motivation!
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