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Dear Devotees, I am working in a nice reputed company and at a same time, I am studying ICWAI. Earlier I used to chant 16 rounds everyday while doing job. But now since i have taken up the studies of ICWAI, its becoming difficult to chant 16 rounds everyday, and now i am chanting only 1 rounds since my exams dates are coming near, & I have to study a lot to pass this exam.I am not doing my 16 rounds, thinking that we have to do our prescribed duties of studying and passing the exam.

1) My Question is my thinking is right? Is I have taken right decision to reduce my chanting for sometime

2) And also while I am studying, I am always thinking that I will pass the exam, I am unable to follow Krishna instuctions in BG, that we should do  our prescribed duties and leave the results to him. Please helped me reg this matter.

3) Mine another Questions is cant we think like this that I am studying for krishna and I wanted to pass for Krishna.

I know devotees will ask me to chant 16 round while travelling to office and to home, but while travelling also I am able to chant only total 8 rounds, since my speed is very less, I am taking 10-12 mins to chant 1 round. Also I am unable to chant in front of my parents, b coz they dont like while i am chanting.They are against krishna consiousness.Also I am unable to fixed my mind on Krishna. Please help me. I wanted your advised on How to chant nicely, please krishna while doing job and studies.

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    • hare krsna mataji how important is morning sadhana.

    • Hare Krishna Mataji,


      Thank u so much for your reply....Its really has inspired me to chant again 16 rounds.  Thank u so much.

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