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Dear Devotees, I am working in a nice reputed company and at a same time, I am studying ICWAI. Earlier I used to chant 16 rounds everyday while doing job. But now since i have taken up the studies of ICWAI, its becoming difficult to chant 16 rounds everyday, and now i am chanting only 1 rounds since my exams dates are coming near, & I have to study a lot to pass this exam.I am not doing my 16 rounds, thinking that we have to do our prescribed duties of studying and passing the exam.

1) My Question is my thinking is right? Is I have taken right decision to reduce my chanting for sometime

2) And also while I am studying, I am always thinking that I will pass the exam, I am unable to follow Krishna instuctions in BG, that we should do  our prescribed duties and leave the results to him. Please helped me reg this matter.

3) Mine another Questions is cant we think like this that I am studying for krishna and I wanted to pass for Krishna.

I know devotees will ask me to chant 16 round while travelling to office and to home, but while travelling also I am able to chant only total 8 rounds, since my speed is very less, I am taking 10-12 mins to chant 1 round. Also I am unable to chant in front of my parents, b coz they dont like while i am chanting.They are against krishna consiousness.Also I am unable to fixed my mind on Krishna. Please help me. I wanted your advised on How to chant nicely, please krishna while doing job and studies.

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  • 1) Mataji since all of us are now on the material Platform we must accept it. It will be good if you strike a deal with the Lord in your heart where He resides as Paramatman and say "I will chant only 4 rounds". Do this and wake up early morning and do your prescrbed 4 rounds come what may. This is a good formula that works wonders and I have tried it during my Study years many many years back. Try it you will succeed.

    2) Mataji ; studying for Krishna is alright and passing for Krishna is also alright.But are we that advanced that we can be sincere in that thought? Most of the downfall in Krishna Consciousness happens because of lack of maturity in the "Doing for Krishna" thought. You cannot fool yourself and above all you cannot fool Krishna. Instead tell Krishna; You know my condition Krishna...I only want to tell you that I will try my best but You need to help me surrender to you and relieve me of all Material Afflictions.You can tell Krishna that "Sincerity is all that you can offer". This method works really well

    I am certain by your query that you are a sincere Krishna Conscious Devotee

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    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


      Thank u so much for your advice & suggestions.........

    • tanks alot, brother

  • 1) ur question is right according to who answers you; some members of the forum will likely tell you that if you stop chanting mantra in order to go brush your teeth you commit grave sin.

    2) then again, ur nature and ur duty is also subjective to who u ask; u look at people's lives, who is their duty towards? why do u work? why do u study? why do u take exams? this is part of your life's goals and commitments, that is also important, as important as all other things in your life; without food, without salary, you won't be anywhere to study bhagavatam or to preach krishna consciousness. as a member of society you should follow ur own life without being such a hindrance to yourself; there;s a time for prayer and theres a time for studying. 

    3) if rue studying for krishna then study for krishna; those who study for themselves pass just as well as you do, sometimes with better grades, sometimes with worse grades. why do you really study? do you tell you study for krishna to fool yourself? how does krishna benefit from you studying? 

    4) what is the point in counting the "rounds"? does the mahamantra have cumulative effects and numeric effects? by pure fact that you're spending ur life in krishna consciousness, u already attract urself to krishnaloka. but don't neglect duty to family, children and society. krishna never neglected his duty, his followers shouldn't do so either

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


      Thank u so much for your reply....  

  • Hare Krishna mataji..

    all Glories to srila prabhupada.

    i wud try my best to give u opinion what i extracted from the books of srila prabhada. may b these opinion looks impractical for material life but true and works

    1. At any cost we must not reduce our chanting counts.. coz chanting is food of soul and supersoul, krishna both. at any cost we cant stop serving krishna.   coz soul and krishna both are eternal... and study, job and all other things are material (temporary).  

    2.  You can leave result on krishna by taking a vow that.. whatever job u will get after this qualification u give more part of ur salary to lord krishna.   a devotee never hanker for a job for money or pride of post..

    so mataji..  as u will take this vow, u will b free from the bad reaction of doing study and not following prescribed duties..   and mata ji in real most of us doesnt know what is our prescribe duties. as being shudra , our prescribed duties is only to serve lord krishna..   so u can serve krishna by donating money u will earn from getting job from ur qualifications.

    3.  yes, it is absolute truth..  u need not to think, we all devotee do all work for krishna only... and it becomes practical by  following regulative principles, chanting and donating, making more devotee.. using all qualifications in service of krishna and His devotees..

    now u think u have only 20 hrs in a day for all other works...  and 4 hrs for chanting.. 

     we are given this human body not for getting  different qualifications like mbbs , engineering, CA or all.. but in real to finding God..  but we r contaminated with material desire , it is best that we leave everything and only chant but we are too weak and doesnt have attraction in chanting... so ot is method for purification of our desire that  we give results to Krishna...  

    so one want to b engineer serve krishna by making temples.

    a fond of music can compose music.

    and if we find no way rather than money..  we can serve with money..   only  then  our urge for getting qualification and zeal for study purify...   otherwise all qualifications study is wastage of human life.. 

    hope i cud explain nicely , saying of  Srila prabhupada.

    and beg ur pardon if i offend any one ot hurt any..


    hari bol

    a fallen conditioned soul..

    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji,


      Thank u so much for your reply....  Thank u so much for explaining so i have again started my chanting 16 rounds. As u said that I should  donate my part of my salary to krishna, I am already donating 6% of my salary to krishna and will definitely donate more in future..

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Deepika mataji,


    I completely understand your dilemma, because I have gone through it myself. When I gave CA Finals, I was chanting 8 rounds and throughout my studies and exams, I chanted. I didnt even clear finals first time, still I chanted through my balance attempts. As you rightly said, all devotees will say, do not stop chanting. I am saying the same thing. Looking back, I think I cleared CA only by the lord's mercy. I dont think I have th brains for it. Can you believe it - I did CA without taking any tuitions. For some subjects or topics that were not clear to me, my seniors, who had ranked in top 10 all-India helped me. They would tutor me. To the extent that after completing one paper of finals, I would go to his house, he would leave his office and come home and teach/ revise with me the next day's paper, then I would go home. Incidentally, it so happened that more tahn once, what he revised was what came the next day in the paper!! And this happened more than once. I eventually tied rakhi to him, and to this day, we are in touch and every year, the rakhi and bhai duj ceremonies are done religiously.

    My parents would also say, dont have to chant during exams. But when they saw that I would chant come what may, they themselves started to say, your Krishna is with you, nothing to worry, He will help you.

    If you cannot chant on beads because of parents' objections, chant on clicker or fingers or anything. Just complete your rounds, dont even bother about the quality of chanting. If you are thinking you will clear the paper while studying, that is what you are supposed to think anyways. If you dont have the goal of passing, how will you prepare for each mark? The trick is after the exams, what you do - I will tell you then. Contact me then.

    Yes, you can pray that Krishna please make me pass the exam, I will be able to serve you better if this monstrous exam is out of the way. Krsna says even if you have any material desire, pls pray to Him alone. You can pray, its ok. We are conditioned souls, we cannot pretend to be pure souls, definitely not in front of Krsna.


    Best of luck dear,

    Your servant,


    • tnx sis

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