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  • Hare Krishna mataji

    Recently i heard a symbolic version of this pastime..

    The clothes refer to ''vasanas''  and unless we voluntarily sacrifice them, we cannot achieve Krishna's mercy and progress in bhakti..



    • ok Ashwin Prabhu ....this is v much correct.Thanks.

      • The main message he wanted to convey thru that is to advise them not to pollute the river water by bathing directly and when he stole the clothes he was a little child.

        hari bol!

  • Yes Prabhuji you are closely right .May be its the arrangement to remember him .I am thinking in a material manner like we read a story and find the message in it .Thanks a lot .

  • Hare Krishna Dean Prabhuji

    1.If Varuna is devotee are Gopis not pure devotees ??And gopis did not do any offence because this body is just like a cloth and the spirit is real identity then gopis were wearing a cloth (the cloth of flesh)i doubt the first point.

    2.Are you saying the exalted gopis were not thinking of Gopal during bathing ,or Krishna wanted to pass this message to his pure devotees to remember him while bathing and put clothes on public bathing places or some ABSTRACT meaning for soul ???

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna,

    Please accept my humble obeisances.

    Mataji, Please listen to Katha from HH Radha Govind Goswami Maharaj on this topic, and you will have understanding of this Leela.

    on such topics it is always safe to listen from Pure Devotee.

    Hare Krishna, Hari bol

    your servant

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