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Bhagavat Gita Chapter 18 Verse 62:Madhvacarya's CommentaryThis empirical statement tat prasadat means by His Grace. It should be understood that Lord Krishna is referring to His Grace as that of any of His avatars or incarnations and expansions as authorised in Vedic scriptures. They all as a part of Lord Krishna abide as paramatma the supreme soul within the heart of all jivas or embodied beings. Any part of the whole is imbued with the whole.So Lord Krishna's three aspects of the brahman the spiritual substratum pervading all existence, paramatma and bhagavan which is His original eternal two armed spiritual form which includes all of His avatars in many different forms.So this verse should be understood empirically as well. Clarifying this point further an example is given from Mahabharata that states: Dronam prati Bhima vacanavat which means: Bhima said that Drona was a father to Him. Bhima's actual father was King Pandu but he spoke empirically to illustrate that the affection he received from Drona was like from a father. This is the gist of it.

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  • Sripada Anand tirth mahaprabhuji (madhvacharya) in his Anand bhasyam has wrote every thing. But one must be careful dealing with Vedas or commentery on Vedas because right to Vedas is priscribed only to Brahman. Refer to pujya Gurudev
    • Dear devotees ,

       Different acharyas have appeared in this world to preach what he has been instructed to preach. Sripad Madhavacharya appeared to refute Mayavada and has done it perfectly. Sankaracharya is Shiva himself , Buddha is Narayana himself but they preached according to time and circumstances what they were supposed to preach . Were they fools ? Nope . It is better not to be offensive based on institution based narrow mindedness. We should try to understand them in broader aspect just like our purva acharyas like Jiva Goswami  did while writing the 6 sandarbhas giving due respect to all acharyas .

      This discussion is not about discussing the defects of the teachings our others but just sharing a wonderful revelation by Madhava  . 

      Self realization is not about I and my parampara are good and realized . All others are bogus and does not know anything. Self realization is a journey of love.

      I feel really agitated if any of the great acharyas are challanged . Mahaprabhu is challanged by many of Sri and Madhava Sampradaya . Sri and Madhavas ae challanged by Gaudiyas . What the hell ? Is this the process of self realization ? Nope . This is called falling in trap of Maya . 

      In kaliyuga who is brahmana ? Who is a uttama bhakta ? We must endeavor to get rid of our false ego first . Adhikaar comes from the samskaras of the soul not from  body .

      I request the moderators to delete this discussion.

      • Such teachings which state that Brahman can refer only to Lord Vishnu, but not to jiva as well, is for sure false.

        SB 7.7.19-20“Ātmā” refers to the Supreme Lord or the living entities. Both of them are spiritual, free from birth and death, free from deterioration and free from material contamination. They are individual, they are the knowers of the external body, and they are the foundation or shelter of everything. They are free from material change, they are self-illuminated, they are the cause of all causes, and they are all-pervading. They have nothing to do with the material body, and therefore they are always uncovered. With these transcendental qualities, one who is actually learned must give up the illusory conception of life, in which one thinks, “I am this material body, and everything in relationship with this body is mine.”
        What to talk about other things.

  • By Google Search:

    A nine point summary of Madhvacarya’s philosophy is:

    1. Lord Visnu, the Personality of Godhead, is the Absolute Truth, and nothing is higher than Him.
    2. He is known by the study of Vedas….sarvasya caham…….(Bg 15.15)
    3. The material world is real, but temporary.
    4. The jivas (living entities) are different from the Lord (bimba prati bimba……….).
    5. The jivas are, by nature, servants of Lord Visnu’s lotus feet.
    6. In both the conditioned and liberated states, the jivas are situated in higher and lower statuses and always remain individuals in their identity.
    7. Liberation does not mean an impersonal merging, but the attainment of serving Lord Visnu’s lotus feet.
    8. Pure devotional service rendered to guru and Visnu automatically grants liberation, release from material bondage.
    9. Direct perception, logic and Vedic authority are three sources of actual knowledge.


    Krishna is an Incarnation of Maha-Visnu? There is No Krsnaloka??

    • im appreciate and respect vaishnava as Sri Madhva is, as well as his effort toward Absulute Truth, but despite that, i have many doubts in his teachings.

      Some of this nine points confronting Srimad Bhagavatam directly, especially teachings of Sri Krishna to His devotee Uddhava in point number 3. :


      SB 11.22.51An unintelligent man, failing to distinguish himself from material nature, thinks nature to be real. By contact with it he becomes completely bewildered and enters into the cycle of material existence.
      SB 11.22.52Made to wander because of his fruitive work, the conditioned soul, by contact with the mode of goodness, takes birth among the sages or demigods. By contact with the mode of passion he becomes a demon or human being, and by association with the mode of ignorance he takes birth as a ghost or in the animal kingdom.
      SB 11.22.53Just as one may imitate persons whom one sees dancing and singing, similarly the soul, although never the doer of material activities, becomes captivated by material intelligence and is thus forced to imitate its qualities.
      SB 11.22.54-55The soul’s material life, his experience of sense gratification, is actually false, O descendant of Daśārha, just like trees’ appearance of quivering when the trees are reflected in agitated water, or like the earth’s appearance of spinning due to one’s spinning his eyes around, or like the world of a fantasy or dream.
      SB 11.22.56For one who is meditating on sense gratification, material life, although lacking factual existence, does not go away, just as the unpleasant experiences of a dream do not.
      SB 11.22.57Therefore, O Uddhava, do not try to enjoy sense gratification with the material senses. See how illusion based on material dualities prevents one from realizing the self.
      Therefore if we have faith in Sri Krishnas words, we can conclude that this material world is temporary and its not real.

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