Srimad Bhagwatam in Hindi

I was looking for a Hindi PDF version of Srimad Bhagvatam which I can carry along in my laptop/hand held devices all the time during my frequent travels. This way I can always feel close to Krishna and make steady progress. I have already purchased hard copy sets for Bhagvatam and Chaintanya Caritamrit but mobility is a big concern.
Moreover since the world is advancing towards hand-held-devices technology space, it is imperative that these books are made available on Google store/Apple store for purchase. 
Is it possible to get such file for my personal use ONLY? I am interested in buying soft copy version rather than hard copy as it offers mobility. 
See BBT response below, I think by not making available soft copy, they are not thinking out of box about Prabhupada's core mission of spreading books to the globe. English, Dutch and other PDF versions are already available then why not Hindi?
Please suggest/advise. It's getting hard to pass days without reading Srimad Bhagvatam's Sanskrit sloka and then understanding word for word meaning in Hindi.
Response from BBT

Thanks for your email. You have shown interest in purchasing "Srimad Bhagavatam "  PDF in Hindi language from us. We don't sell to pdf soft copy. 

Thanking You,

Yours in the service of Lord Krishna

Web Administrator


Please find the small size (35 MB only) of Bhagvatam in Hindi with all Cantos.

Click on the below link and individually download ONLY .PDF files by clicking the .PDF link OR right click the link and click "Save Link As.." 

Link 1 (


Download the larger files of scanned book PDFs from the below links

SB 01!mkpH3AzD!w933OSZDujL8grMOay-p6Be0yNyGrEp-FBx3Cz_LgIU

SB 02!Xx5HAKKb!we7FvGicAGOsm3wJ8vkLyev1zgGS2IEfNJTz7P1qSEA 

SB 03 A!Csg2Vb6S!hznrx1hCcptU1gzKl6fzVGxEsZ1d4nVL-0r39_tO9QA

SB 03 B!zsxlCA5B!WPOIttsRl4O63Fc7DsaVwvJlw5u7AzFhSIbxJgFDATE         


SB 04 B!7lhSCaYT!T0A3Gtp5cl9El0qcdMRFLHPB65svrG3TvixchRO66E4 

SB 05!ewpSWTyK!NlDfUDp7ExLHYi82dldjaezzI2QXbtCsl1Mg3r6uQK8

SB 06!3hwDjY6a!D6TXYBo-u04_wBUKTRUz9yZsxpO3Nn0HnVsq8sZrjkQ 

SB 07!TpASWJoT!BDtqu_HhGUN3A2t2x0Ddgd4Lo8TsEddgA4kd-oEbkPc 

SB 08!bgRxmTyJ!bz7W43VROAULZG-2EgmrfkDkqCyXUcXGL9qjQvNIrxo 

SB 09!K1R1QIhJ!SamPhAQcXlHR1i55cmI92_StP6K9zpI--vBoi-WqVCc

SB 10.1!egZBBBQL!1fDpvdQiRa1dsxAB6xQrnBXkgW-k9nxPkOc_Vhm6WJQ 

SB 10.2!nk4mSYJA!yESgz630DdKnaXqlyU92AW9hLOuFTGEQ2JWav1m4vOM

SB 10.3!ewBGGSaA!WbNa1Qd0W9Yv9MMHJcPPGURInT6gsK1yCqeHyIngQF0   

SB 10.4!v4hSnIbQ!5tLSPaaWq2PJWFjuSFumIQ40FqWaYOJYK4oWFxTzly8

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu, the link of SB 3a and 4a are not working.. please recheck

    • Please find the small size (35 MB only) of Bhagvatam in Hindi with all Cantos.

      Click on links below to download

      Link 1 (

      The other links have files which are very big and cumbersome to download.

      bhagavatam-hindi-pdf directory listing
  • Hare Krishna,

    Please find the small size (35 MB only) of Bhagvatam in Hindi with all Cantos.

    Click on links below to download

    Link 1

    Link 2

    bhagavatam-hindi-pdf directory listing
    • Speaking Soul,

      May Radhe/Krishna shower his blessings on you for a great service of sharing Hindi Srimad Bhagavatam.

      I want to sincerely thank you.



      • All glories to srila prabhupada ...

  • Hare Krishna
    I have a pdf of Srimad Bhagvatam in hindi.Its 56 MB in size,tell me how to send.
    • Indeed even I was looking for a single small PDF file. Please upload as soon as possible and share the link. If you need any help in terms of upload please let us know. Apart from Harsh Prabhu's suggestion, there are quite a few websites that allow uploading file such as

      Does your copy of SB pdf has word for word meaning?

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    • Hare Krishna Prabhuji.

             You can use Dropbox or Googledrive to upload the file.. You need to create account and then after verification, you can share the link. (Uploading may take some time)

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji, Can you please share the link for SB 11 and 12?


    • I do not have Canto 11 and 12. If someone finds it then please share with me on this thread

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