• hare krsna..........

    by the blessings of u vrindavan i got the 18 volume set..........thanx all of u.......

  • you can buy bhaagvath published by Geetha is in two vollumes containing slokas and translation in any language of india.....till you can get them by BBT
  • They don't sell 18 volume SB anymore . It is out of print.  They sell the compact one 's which are 30 in volume but the print is very small. I find it very hard to read. It's better to read them online or try to get 18 volume set from a senior devotee. 30 volume SB cost around 4500rs to 5000rs.
    • yes brihadbhagavatamrita is also available and is published by bbt
  • Hore Krisna.

    Bbt publishes the full volume of srimod Bhagvtam by srila Probhupada.

    The full volume is sold in 3 packets , each packet containing 6 volumes. aprpximate price of each packet is about Rs. 1800.

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