I recently received a three volume book titled "Make Vrndavana", which is 1300 pages of instructions taken from transcripts of conversations where Srila Prabhupada gives instructions about the ideal lifestyle for devotees. One interesting comment was that Srila Prabhupada said that it is a good idea to have a good storage of food grains for an emergency. He goes into great detail about the importance of living locally, something which is practically never practiced in the United States today, even for devotees. He particularly stresses the importance of growing our own food. Although these conversations took place 40 years ago, we now see that the food available is unhealthy having been produced using callous farming methods and using seeds which have been genetically modified, and so are not foods which have been designed by Krsna. I am interested in discussing any subjects related to living locally. We now grow most of our food, keep bees, have a dairy cow and little bull who is being trained to work, make medicine using local plants (with great results--our neighbors come and request medicine quite often), and are learning alternative building styles that make living more comfortable without relying on the infrastructure.

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