• i have not said anything about arya samaj because it does not give proper understanding of religion( nitya dharma/ atma dharma/ sva dharma/ jiva dharma), rather it speaks improper ideas - i will describe some of them based on what i have heard from my senior authorities in this page.

    " the book u have mentioned can only give me a reply or resolve this issue" - actually no!
    the book will give u something which u not even expected. it will offer u more than what u wanted. my intension is not just to show what is false religion, (that is only the -ve phase) but on the possitive side i wanted u and others to learn the actual truths( knowing this there will be no more doubt in the future about the entire subject matter of religion)
    we get so many doubts because we donot have the big picture. we only have some understanding (so sometimes doubt arises which is right and which is wrong, what is what) and many things we dont know - thats why when we hear any new concept we get confused where this thought fitts.
    so only ive asked u to read this book. bhaktivinod thakura's writtings are filled with such strong philosopical explainations of each and every minute details that he covers everything to be known by the jivas within his books from abc's to the last limit . ive carefully studied some of them like bhakti tattva viveka, prema pradipa etc.. and seen this. to give some examples :-
    he explains dharma beginning with the definition of an object(vastu) & its eternal intrinsic nature(svabhava/ sva dharma) then how by contact with foreign element or by external action the object acquires a new nature( naimittika dharma) & thus over a period of time the apparent nature takes the place of the eternal nature of that object although the eternal nature remains inseperably dormant within that object. example - the water has an eternal nature of liquidity (nitya dharma of water). but when we subject water into some external influence ie, keep it in fridge ,then water aquires a solid nature(naimittika nature of water). but still the eternal nature of the water(liquidity) is dormantly present even though it is in solid state. so when we remove the ice cubes from its foreign atmosphere and bring it back to its natural environment ,water will gradually lose its aquired nature and its eternal nature will awaken again.
    like this we jivas have eternal nature that is intrinsic & inseperable from our existence. and this eternal nature is krsna dasya - ;also he discusses why this is so (but i dont write here). due to our aversion toward this function of krsna dasya we fall into hands of maya who covers our real ego(krsna dasa) and we aquire a false or new ego (enjoyer).then more covering of gross and subtle bodies facilitate our so- called enjoyment. and by identifying ourselves through this FALSE ego we develop new new function and natures (naimittika natures). thus we see so many dharmas in this world today, and many propogators of dharma. nitya dharma is one not many,but naimittika dharma assumes many different forms when seen in diverse circumstances & when it is described in various ways by men of divergent opinions.
    thus all these brahma samaj ,arya samaj, manava dharma, stri dharma, mata dharma ,pita dharma, student dharma, demigods, ancestors,grhasta, etc..etc. and so many things that go on in the name of dharma is in this category of naimittika dharma( because it has a cause(nimitta) & so it will cease to exist when the cause ceases to exist) . and there are many more finar details and truths ,but ive only touched a tiny basic portion .
    therefore ive not spoken about arya samaj much, but insisted u to read pp . this pp may not speak about arya samaj but it has a nearer conception with ur enquiry. so if i wasnt capable of satifying ur enqiry i honestly beg ur forgiveness.

    here ill speak few things about arya samaj for ur satisfaction.

    The Arya Samaj was one of the movements founded during the late 1800s that attempted to modernize Hinduism. The Samaj attempted to answer the Orientalists (Christian missionary scholars) who had trashed Hinduismand its scripture in India. Ironically,in attempting to defend Hinduism, the Samaj compromised and presented a Christianized form of Hinduism. While accepting the statesman and preacher Krishna of the Gita, they rejected the playboy Krishna of Vraja, whom they could not understand themselves, much less explain to Christian missionaries. Thus they utterly hated the Bhagavatam. Even Bhaktivinoda Thakura said that he was initially prejudiced by a negative impression of the Bhagavatam, but upon his own investigation this negative impression was transformed into love for the text. It is his love for the Bhagavatam that has prevailed to this day an—through his successors—given literary and spiritual credence to the text in both religious and academic quarters of the 21st century.

    Arya Samaj scholars demonstrate how each Purana is propaganda for a particular deity and how in each a different deity is declared supreme.They also show how the stories of creation found in various Puranas thoroughly contradict each other. They say that the Puranas were written by unscrupulous people whose aim was to suppress people. They claim that only the Vedas and Upanishads are of Vyasa and all the rest is mumbo-jumbo. They also declare all avataras as concoctions and say that the Vedas mention nothing of avataras or that God has or ever takes form.

    in simple words we know that absolute knowlege is that which is given by bhagavan and descending through the 4 bonafide sampradayas - sri,rudra,brahma & kumara. and if those outside these bonafide line cannot have the true knowledge about the absolute. thus we can easily identify and reject their theories.
    - we know all that prabupada has taught us is based on bhagavad gita( spoken by god himself) bhagavatam by vyasa ( incarnation of god) so our process is bonafine . not just better than arya samaj but it is the true practise of the soul (jiva's nitya dharma).
    • Give some proof you think hinduism is christianised by Arya Samaj? And see, don't take my comments offesnive as I had been a believer of Arya Samaj philosophy, I only present their logics. None of the Acharyas of any 4 Paramparas had come forward to debate Swami Dayanand or any of Arya Samaj believers. Also Swami Dayanand has given the explanations on basis of the 4 vedas, so accordiing to that it is more bonafide than ISKCON? Kindly answer. I had joined this forum not to debate but to understand this movement for i got attracted to it?

      • Sri Narada muni said :

        SB 10.10.15A poverty-stricken man must automatically undergo austerities and penances because he does not have the wealth to possess anything. Thus his false prestige is vanquished. Always in need of food, shelter and clothing, he must be satisfied with what is obtained by the mercy of providence. Undergoing such compulsory austerities is good for him because this purifies him and completely frees him from false ego.

        SB 10.10.16Always hungry, longing for sufficient food, a poverty-stricken man gradually becomes weaker and weaker. Having no extra potency, his senses are automatically pacified. A poverty-stricken man, therefore, is unable to perform harmful, envious activities. In other words, such a man automatically gains the results of the austerities and penances adopted voluntarily by saintly persons.
        SB 10.10.17Saintly persons may freely associate with those who are poverty-stricken, but not with those who are rich. A poverty-stricken man, by association with saintly persons, very soon becomes uninterested in material desires, and the dirty things within the core of his heart are cleansed away.
        SB 10.10.18Saintly persons [sādhus] think of Kṛṣṇa twenty-four hours a day. They have no other interest. Why should people neglect the association of such exalted spiritual personalities and try to associate with materialists, taking shelter of nondevotees, most of whom are proud and rich?,
        Helping those in poverty consider to be universal dharma in every religion, but nowadays, so called spiritualists like to  associate with those who can give more donations.

    • First i will buy 'prema pradipa' . After that ,  I will put all my effort in reading and understanding  the text . Finally, by the mercy of Krishna ,I will reach a conclusion .

      Again thanks for your care and concern in replying my query !

      Hare Krishna !

  • hare krsna,
    during the social religious reform movement in india, many new religious society were started.these samajas - like brahma samaj,arya samaj etc were started ,and they propogated many concocted theories and practices. these were misleading the true religious aspirants .
    to save such sincere aspirants from these misdirections created by these samajas,srila bhaktivinod thakur wrote many articles in his sajjana tosani magazine at that time. these articles were then collected together in the form of a book - "prema pradipa".
    this book explains all the philosopical concepts about true religion .it reveals the misunderstandings of these samaj theories.

    thus to clarify ur doubt about this subject i advice u to read this small book "Prema pradipa"

    therein we will see how 2 follows of the samaj -(anand babu and naren babu; who were against vaishnavism.who were v materialistic) will be gradually elevated to suddha bhaktas by properly hearing from the learned tattvajna vaisnav- pandit das maharaj. these discussions between them will clarify ur doubts and also give u perfect understanding of suddha bhakti.
    • I will read 'Prema Pradipa'. In your reply you have not said anything against Arya Samaj . There is no befitting reply by you  to my  query  . The book you have mentioned can only give me a reply or resolve this issue .

      I will read 'Prema Pradipa'

      Referring by you this good book is also a great help !!!!

      Hare Krishna !!

  • Although the parable of localized & all pervasiveness being one.
    I only question Submissions that the passive /Brominical way as the highest considering Hi's pastimes were not always withe the pure & the "pakka" Makes me think God has many classes of friends.?
    A as personality He is adventures in Hi's nature of association.
  • E-Counselor

    Here is a discussion in between Srilla Prabhupada and an Indian man during a morning walk about Arya Samaj:

     Indian man: the principles of Ārya-samāj. Because he is... "Everybody is God." That is his... They are . Brainwash is there.

    Prabhupāda: What is God? Let us have, understand.

    vadanti tat tattva-vidas
    tattva yaj jñānam advayam
    brahmeti paramātmeti
    bhagavān iti śabdyate
    (SB 1.2.11)

    The Absolute Truth is manifested in three ways: impersonal Brahman, and all-pervading Paramātmā, and Personality of Godhead-brahmeti paramātmeti bhagavān iti śabdyate—but they are one and the same. This is the verdict of the śāstra. So we can understand from this example that the sun is localized. Everyone can see. At the same time, sunshine is all-pervading, and within the sun globe there is a predominating deity. He is a person. Similarly, originally God is person, and then, when He expands, all-pervasive, that is Paramātmā. And when He expands by His energy, that is Brahman. This is understanding. Brahmeti paramātmeti bhagavān iti. Now somebody, they finish their business by realizing the impersonal Brahman, and somebody finishes his business by realizing the localized Paramātmā, yogis. Jñānīs, yogis. And the bhaktas, they come to the real, original source of everything, Kṛṣṇa. That is the difference.

    Indian man (4): Swamiji, I want to question whether the Kṛṣṇa consciousness is the same type of consciousness which is experienced by the devotees as that divine type of consciousness. Is it a divine consciousness?

    Prabhupāda: Yes, Kṛṣṇa consciousness means divine. Kṛṣṇa means divine. Kṛṣṇa means divine.

    Indian man (4): So that is the same.

    Prabhupāda: But foolish people think Kṛṣṇa as ordinary man. Avajānanti māṁ mūḍhāḥ (BG 9.11). Only mūḍhas take Kṛṣṇa as ordinary man. Otherwise Kṛṣṇa is always His complete spirit.

    Therefore, the principle of Aryasamaj-- " Everybody is God"-- is a wrong conception. Like that of words " Daridra Narayana" as spoken by so called Poltician. God is God whose manifestation energy is different from His pervasiveness and localized feature as explained above by Srilla Prabhupada. So,God Head Krishna's pervasiveness as Paramatma is present in Everyone's individuality situated in their heart.

    Thank you for your understanding,

    Hare Krishna!

    • If it is your or Srila Prabhupada's statement then it is wrong: "Therefore, the principle of Aryasamaj-- " Everybody is God" I had been connected to Arya Samaj for a long time and no where is his main book Satyarth Prakash has Swami Dayanand said that everybody is God. He only promoted principle of omnipresence of God as told by Sri Krsna too in BG: "Ishwar sarv bhutanam hridayese arjuna tishati..."

    • Waking up transcendental deep love for Lord is the only thing which matters.


      Long tradition of enmity and hatred toward other spiritualists should be stopped, and the effort in that direction of thiese two vaishnavas are the most prominent :

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