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          Srila Prabhupada writes in this connection,

 “In order to overcome the effects of Buddhist philosophy and spread Vedanta philosophy, Shripad Shankaracharya had to make some compromise with the Buddhist philosophy, and as such he preached the philosophy of monism, for it was required at that time. Otherwise there was no need for his preaching Mayavada philosophy. At the present moment there is no need for Mayavada philosophy or Buddhist philosophy, and Lord Chaitanya rejected both of them. This Krishna consciousness movement is spreading the philosophy of Lord Chaitanya and rejecting the philosophy of both classes of Mayavada. Strictly speaking, both Buddhist philosophy and Shankara’s philosophy are but different types of Mayavada dealing on the platform of material existence. Neither of these philosophies has spiritual significance. There is spiritual significance only after one accepts the philosophy of Bhagavad-gita, which culminates in surrendering unto the Supreme Personality of Godhead.” (SB 4.24.17 purport)


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  • Hare Krishna !! my pranAms to bhagavAn and bhagavathAs !!

    Mayavada means considering the illusory power of Maya to be more powerful and cause of ignorance. This seems to be a kind of discouraging theory when one feels weak under the power of Maya or ignorance. Though Advaita Vedanta has beautifully explained many other vedic truths, it tended to give more weightage to Maya thereby making it kind of discouraging. Though it highlights the Self, its proposed goal to merge with the Supreme Brahman again imposes a diversion. It means in order to achieve bliss one has to merge with Brahman (supreme) and then only can enjoy. However, the Bhakthi Yoga and Achintya Bedabeda concept, enforces the concept of simultaneous oneness and difference, where the jiva is one with the paramatma in quality but different in quantity. We can obtain bliss right here, right now, by dovetailing our karma (actions) towards Krishna-conscious service in loving devotion.

    In loving service to bhagavan and bhagavathas,


  • Sevak

    Some weaknesses about Mayavadi philosphy:

    1. Since we possess individuality, it is not logical that our ultimate source doesn't possess individuality. Since we can normally observe that personality is superior to an impersonal energy, we can conclude that personality is superior to impersonal energy. Since the Vedanta sutra explains that the Absolute Truth is the source of all existence, it must also be the source of personality and possess personality.

    2. The Mayavadis say that the brahman is manifested in a personal form in this material world. How can something personal be manifested from something impersonal? Where do we have an experience of such a phenomena? Lord Krsna explains in Bg 7:24 that this theory is extremely illogical and indicates a lack of intelligence.

    3. It is said that brahman is unchangeable. How then can it split into different living entities within the material world? And why should it do that? In Bhagavad-gita, Lord Krsna explains (15:7) that the living entities are eternal parts and parcels of the Supreme and states than individuality is an eternal principle (Bg 2:12).

    4. If we were all God, why is there so much suffering and ignorance in the world? Also, if we say that we are God but just temporarily covered by illusion, then illusion would be more powerful than God, which doesn't make any sense.

    5. The speculation that Krsna's body is material clearly indicates a complete misunderstanding regarding the transcendental appearance and nature of Krsna. Krsna's body does not consist of matter and contains unlimited, varied energies and attracts even liberated personalities, who are free from material attachments. (SB 1.7.10)

    6. Reality according to Mayavada philosophy is beyond material form and duality. But they are erring in the premise that there is no spiritual form or variety. The negation of these facts is a materialistic concept and doesn't provide us any information about spiritual reality.

    7. The desire to become one with God is called the "last snare of maya". Because the Mayavadis got frustrated with their attempt to become the supreme enjoyer in this material world, they want to become one with the Supreme. This desire is illusory because the soul is by constitution Krsna's servant. The Srimad Bhagavatam(10:2:32) explains that the misconception of the impersonalists is caused by an impure intelligence and that consequently their realizations are not ultimate and they are thus forced to fall down again to the material platform.

    8. The material world is not false ("brahma satyam, jagan mithya" is one of their favourite slogans)/ because the material world originates in the Absolute Truth, it is real but temporary. However, the belief that the material world is permanent is false-in other words the material world is real but temporary.

    Your Servant. Hari Bol! 


  • Volunteer

    in simple words mayavadas are those who say that everything is maya. Illusion. 

  • plz can u jst explain me abt mayavada..?


    • Brahman Satya Jagat Mithya...only the Atman exists and everything else is an illusion...this is from where Advaita Vedanta(mayavada according to vaishnavas) starts...anything impermanent or anitya is considered mithya and nitya(Brahman or Atman) is considered to be the only truth...Jagat is for them like a rope and illusion the night in which we fear or perceive the rope to be as snake...but when knowledge(sun) lights upon us...we see that it is nothing but a mere rope...

      while according to Achintya bheda abheda(Lord Chaitanya)...anitya is not mithya...it is subject to change and hence exists for a shorter period of time...but that does not make it false...like milk has formed yoghurt doesnt lead you in denial of yoghurt and say it to be false...

      it is like....you smelt the fragnance of a jasmine yesterday and now it has wilted...will you deny that it was ever existence?...for an Advaitin the answer is yes...but Achintya bheda abheda has refuted it

      there are many such things deeper down which depends upon the quest of the seeker and one's perception

      pardon and correct me if am wrong,

      in the service of all vaishnavas

      narasimha dasa

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