Spreading Krishna Consciousness in America

This is just something I have been thinking about and would like to hear the thoughts of others. I live in America.

The message of The Bhagavad-Gita is applicable to everyone no matter who they are or where they come from.

America especially needs Krishna and The Bhagavad-Gita. Desperately.

Here is my question, and I do not mean to offend, wouldn't it be a good idea to try promoting Krishna Consciousness in the U.S. by using a more western approach? I understand the significance of wearing robes and dhotis, etc. but I have found that in my discussions with people in America about Krishna Consciousness that they tend to view it as strictly an "Indian" thing because of how devotees dress.

Wouldn't tasteful, western style clothes work better in passing out literature, books and engaging others in discussion?

Also, it is my hope that my Blog listed below will attract those unfamiliar with Krishna Consciousness and The Bhagavad-Gita.

Hare Krishna


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  • 1st.ly
    All the clothing teelock etc. are Spiritually significant. Conducive to "(Spiritual)" strenth "hole-ness and spiritual puraty. So no stove-pipe briches/pants and minni scerts are not at all* any form of renunciation or purity. MYA MYA MYA PURE.
    (HH) knew what He was doing don't ever doubt it. Ca'lon'nah'nah'stava nah stava unyatta!
    There is no other way!
    As what real/lasting spiritual understanding can be accomplished within the throws of MIYA? (KC) & (HDG) are not supplemental practices they are all of spacific intintions & protocols. God's OWN reshape for jump starting a "mundane persons spiritual evolution. As for suckling a dorment karmies love for truth in a futile hope to re-reignite their long dorment love or understanding of the pure Love of God.Good luck with that, but true Vishnavahs are (one pointed) & resolute in their determination to end the repeatedly revolving cycals of rebirth old age, disease & death. & re-innisheate a long lost cannection with the One God Who is God-inexzostabl
    Krishna GOVINDAH the One friend. Only by aproching Krishna according to Hi's instructions can Krishna be known, & getting to know others (any one other than Krishna) is not approaching The Head God). So if you think you can reinvent ISKCON'S protocols acceptably i.e.with the same results.i'd say you Budda compassion is showing, & you have stretched your mind's awairness clean away from reality. & you should stop yo lazy ways & help those that desier & deserve your attentions. Because the fact is unless a soul has reached the end of it's attractions and tolerances for half hearted Gods/LordShips & is actually actively hankering to seek out & understand the Supreem Truth regarding the One Head God. Nither you nor infinent compassion nor time itself can make their quest complete. Not yoga not intelligence nor mental prowis. & when they deside that, all you'll have to do is teach them. What (HH) has attempted to teach you. Latching onto a irrssolut infinite Soulb will be like lassuing a moving train.Bottom line Krishna & (HH) SPP) have the pattent on the only successful process of the resurrection of the Soul by reawakening it's mind to the value of God's favorable association. & the feutality of the mind's false ego pride & intellectual prowis. There is only one God, only one, who is accualy God, only one who knows everything who is infinent & inexzostabl. Face it & become of some use i.e. & so doing Saveŷspair your-self from creation desaster brother. Peace & lots ah luck
  • Question: you said that the Vedas do not immediately lead us to Krishna, but the Vedas are the literary embodiment of Krishna.
    Krishna confirms by example that indirect preaching is very healthy and that this is the right approach - until people reach a certain level they cannot be given Krishna at once. Can you comment on this or clarify it?

    Answer: If it is from the category of battle of fans of two camps, two opinions - how to combine it - indirect preaching and direct preaching...

    Question: no, the only question is what is going on so that you can approach a person and tell him about astrology, about the mode of the day, and not tell him immediately about Krishna or Vice versa - just tell him about the most important thing. But won't you hurt him?

    Response: Thank you for that very relevant question. I came to the conclusion that if you ask what the sermon is, there are two categories:
    1.) preaching is what we want to give to man and

    2.) what he wants and is able to take out of this is what he accepts in one way or another. 

    These are two realities.

    We can say a lot, but he'll take a little bit of it in the dry residue. There are two factors - what can be called the most valuable component of the sermon? In fact, the Union of these two.

    Because he can draw different conclusions, but we didn't talk to him about it. He seemed so, so he introduced himself.

    When these two factors come together, when we give authoritative knowledge, of course, from the books of Srila Prabhupada and guru parampara as postmen, when these two factors come together and what a person takes from this - this is the most valuable component in the sermon itself.

    And let's evaluate these two factors. It is possible to scare people? Possible.

    Can we push? I can give an example on this topic.
    Have one parishioner was asked: - You so much years to us come, we see you on all our festivities and Sunday programs. Why don't you get closer to the process itself - maybe come to the temple to live, something else?
    He responded: - No. I like everything-the process, philosophy, your holidays and your attitude towards me as a guest. But when I see how you communicate with each other, I have a desire...

    And then morning stream SB for 11.05. 2018 from the Moscow temple broke on the most interesting


    Yes, people are different. And let everyone cultivates his garden, as Voltaire said. For example on Donbass where there is a war of 4 years Food of life feeds people in usual clothes and a low bow to them for it

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