Spiritual name

Hare Krishna !!

Please suggest me a good spiritual name on the letter "D".

I took the print out of all the names based on letter "d" given on this site.

But any of them sm how not agreeble 2 my brother.

I wanna this name for my real nephew who took birth on 16-08-2011.

Please suggest me apart from the names given on this site.

Have a nice time all of u.

Hare Krishna!!

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  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisances! ALl glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    mostly name is given in order child could attain particular qualities. Name is a vibration. It influences one's life and character.  because of that in old traditions given names of great Personalities. But for us Krishna is our goal. And our duty is always remember Him and do not forget Him.

    Naturally we become attached to our children and forget Krishna, because of that better to give to them Names of Krishna. No time! In this way we will always chant the Names of Hari!

    Your servant

  • Volunteer

    why not Dhruva?

    He will be as like Dhruva Maharaja. Strongly determinate for achieving Krishna!

    • Hare Krishna!!

      Thats really nice but they are thinking of either Keshav or Rudransh.

      HoZ is it?

      • Volunteer

        Keshava or Rudeansh is not a name starting with letter D... :)

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