Spiritual dreams and spiritual experiences

!!.. Hare Rama Hare Krishna ..!!

Could you please tell me.. To what extent one should believe in spiritual dreams and experiences.. ??

And, what do the scriptures say about them.. ??

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!!.. Hare Rama Hare Krishna ..!!

Could you please tell us something about.. the sequence of your replies.. ??

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  • I have nothing to say.

    You read books. You will get many more experiences of many devotees


  • Hare Krishna,

    I think It is upto the person who believes in his experience.  No one can deny what he or she experienced is just some mind play or some dream. 

    To dream or experience somthing supernatural is not in our hands. Dreams usually come when we are continously contemplating on some subject for a long time. But, dream or experiences have a  significant meaning only when the dreamer or the person who has experienced something brings some necessary changes in life.

    Like for example a robber suddenly had a dream in which he saw he was contemplating on Sri Krishna in his dream. He experienced Lord's presence though vaguely. He cannot claim that he has seen God. But yes, If the robber mends his ways after getting such a spiritual dream to become a bhakt and goes in the path of bhakti to find who is the person who had seen or experienced in the dream ... That would be a great life changing dream. If not what is the use of dreams. Chasing your dream is what is needed action not simply dreaming.

    One needs to act on it, work towards it. 

    So, dreaming is not in ur hands. but working on it to achieve something which you saw in the dream is more important. Sometimes,  spiritual dreams are to awaken the sleeping dormant soul to recognise their path and provides some insight what they have to do next, to achieve that dream. Unless the person acts on it,  it is of not much significance. Some change is needed,  that is like a suggestion for the dreamer to chase and go in that direction.

    Hare Krishna.

    • !!.. Hare Rama Hare Krishna ..!!

      It's nice to hear about Lord Krishna's presence in the robber's dream..

      And.. your example has reminded me the story related to dacoit Angulimala and Lord Buddha.. so, thanks for sharing the example..

      Moreover... could you please provide us the links related to your example..

      • I am here emphasizing on following or chasing the dream is more important than simply having a spiritual dream.

        that was just an example to show put that idea forth.

        • !!.. Hare Rama Hare Krishna ..!!

          Thanks for sharing your experiences, opinions and ideas..

          But, for me.. spirituality is spirituality.. that directly relates to our soul and .. The Supreme Soul.. God..

          • I guess now you got the answer! 

            well my experiences are mine, my dreams are mine. If i share it to anyone. They would actually say. .. keep ur experience to urself.

            we don't trust ur experiences. because they are not there in any scriptures.

            so now you got it ...

            "Could you please tell me.. To what extent one should believe in spiritual dreams and experiences.. ??"

            No one believes in anyone's experiences. It only gives satisfaction to the experienced person's soul!.

            When  Meerabai was experiencing Sri Krishna's presence ... all those around her only ridiculed.  Because they thought she is mad or lost her mind.

            Even if I tell you my experiences in which I saw a dream of a robber contemplating on Krishna.. it is just my opnion my dream my experience only.  If I tell you, you will only ridicule me and say keep ur experiences to urself. I want reality not dreams or ur own stories. Hehehe Nice one! you got the reply to ur own question.

            • I think.. you can guess..whatsoever you want to guess..  i mean, you're stranger to me on here and ...neither i have answered any of your questions on here.. nor i have talked to you through messages..

              and this one is your second answer to my questions.. or say.. i have asked only two questions until now and the first question relates to "Edit option in discussion" and your answer was..

              "Copy and paste and make changes repost. delete the previous text posted.

              Thats what I do."

              And.. yeah i believe in other's experiences who share with me genuinely.. and this is true that many people have shared their experiences with me ..so that's why i have asked this question to other people.. and "what is mentioned in the scriptures about the spiritual dreams and experiences"..this thing has been asked by me in the question..

              Eventually.. i only wanna say.. that your last statements are.. "your own statements".. not mine..

              and  yeah.. i m waiting for the answers related to the scriptures.. so please try to understand the deeper meaning of it.. if you wanna..

              • You want Spiritual dreams or spiritual experiences which are mentioned in Scriptures?

                then pls. ask the question like that.

                Sure, there are many many instances where people had many spiritual experiences. 

                 ( I feel you got angred on me. I am sorry if I sounded something harsh. I was comically saying so, sorry sorry).

                Spiritual experiences are nice for normal people like us but it must be used for our personal growth in spiritually. If you tell others our spiritual experiences they don't understand or believe in us because we are not saints.

                But saints like Raghunatha das goswami ji and Gopal Bhatta goswami ji and Santana Goswami ji  etc. had spiritual experiences.

                Let me tell you What Gopal Bhatta Goswami ji's  Spritual experience.

                You know what happened with him?  So much astonishing story.

                Gopal Bhatta Goswami ji is basically Sri Vaishnava and when Sri Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu came to South India he converted  Gopal Bhatta goswami ji and blessed him. Gopal Bhatta goswmi ji after the death of his parents came to Sri Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu and stayed with the Lord and accepted Gaudiya Vaishnavism and understood that ritualistic bhakti is way different from Prema or Madhurya bhava. And Sri Chaitanaya Mahraprabhu gave him excellent spiritual experience to make him realize this fact.


                In a vision, Mahaprabhu instructed Gopal Bhatt Goswami to go to the Gandaki River in Nepal, where he would appear again in a new form, giving hope to all devotees who were grieving his departure from this world. And so Gopal Bhatt began the long journey on foot. Arriving at the riverbank, he searched for Mahaprabhu, everywhere, but Gopal Bhatt was unable to find him. In his anguish, Gopal Bhatt fasted and prayed till at last, he fell unconscious. Tears flowed from Gopal Bhatt’s face like a stream towards the Gandaki River, blessing her waters. He regained consciousness and placed his cupped palms in the river to collect water to make an offering ( arghya) to the sun. Much to his surprise, the water he collected in his palms contained a Damodar shila. Gopal Bhatt cried with joy, “Gaur Krishn! Gaur Krishn!” His entire body was covered with goose bumps. Blissful tears flowed incessantly and he welcomed his Beloved by reciting prayers. After receiving eleven more shaligram shilas by the blessings of the Lord, Gopal Bhatt returned to Vrindavan.

                Gopal Bhatt Goswami’s Beloved had returned in the form of Damodar shaligram shila, yet the desire to serve him in his human-like form once again remained. On Vaishakh Shukla Chaturdashi of 1543, the appearance day of Narsingh Dev, Gopal Bhatt’s longing kept him awake all night. He meditated within himself, “Prahlad’s love for Krishn made him manifest from a pillar and rescue Prahlad even though Prahlad was born in a dynasty of demons who were not devotees. But I am not fortunate enough to attain my beloved Lord in his full form so that I can adorn him with my own hands.” Crying himself to sleep, In his dreams, Krishn reassured Gopal Bhatt that his desires will be fulfilled soon. With great excitement, Gopal Bhatt woke up very early and took a bath, preparing himself to worship his shilas, which were hanging inside a wicker basket on the peepal tree above his hut.

                As he opened the basket, he found a divine deity of Krishn and only eleven of his shaligram shilas. The Damodar shila was missing. Gopal Bhatt was filled with blissful love at the sight of the deity and his heart was overflowing with ecstasy as he shed affectionate tears. Admiring every part of his deity, Gopal Bhatt noticed the markings of Damodar shila on his back. Gopal Bhatt's tremendous love, deep yearning and unwavering devotion had taken the form of the beautiful Lord. 

                This is a marvelous example of what Sri Gopal Bhatt  goswami experienced in Dreams, in vision and in reality too. Now the Temple deity Radharaman lal in Vrindavan which we see now is formed out of the Shaligram shila which Gopal Bhatta had. 

                And there are many more experiences I can related which true devotees have experienced and which are recorded in scriptures. 

                If you are interested I will add more.

                Hare Krishna

                • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvjYqF0JnTQ

                  • Thanks for reading my question carefully this time.. maybe, the first time you couldn't understand my question..

                    Again.. i wanna say.. you can feel whatsoever wanna feel but... your statements do not relate to me..  so thanks for admitting about your ownself..  :)

                    Moreover..  should i say again that i believe in other's experiences if they are shared..  genuinely.. ?? :)

                    And.. thanks for sharing the story related to Sri Gopal Bhatt ji.. 

                    Could you please provide the texts related to Srimad Bhagavatam or Bhagavad Gita..??

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