Spicey Prasadam

Thursday night i had gotten very very sick. They had made the prasadam too spicey I think. Its to harsh on my stomach. And I hadn't eaten anything really in three days because I was so afraid of getting sick again. I had told the authorities here at this temple about them maybe telling the cooks to cool it on the spices, but I don't think they will listen. :( I will have to ask my guru what I should do in this situation. He knows I cannot handle spicey prasadam and neither can he. Well as long as its not too much spicey he can have it but as for me not at all. And now I am fearing when he comes here to visit he might get sick from the prasadam if it's too spicey. My guru says too much spice in the prasadam means one is in the mode of passion. My guru actually banned chillies and cayanne pepper at the temple he lives in in Toronto. I live in West Virginia in New Vrndavan and the prasadam is a bit too much for me to handle.  :( I don't know if I'd be allowed to make something separate to avoid spicey foods. Spices do not agree with my stomach. Tumeric, is about all I can handle.

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