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    the soul is never impure. just like a mirror is never unclean itself, but particles of dust gets collected on it.thus the viewers see that the mirror is unclean. same way soul is not impure in its constitution ,it is only covered by maya( impurities). & those under the influence of maya display such perverted nature ie, sinful activities.

    but when he connects with the real object of his eternal function (bhakti seva) ie, bhagavan his perverted tendency will gradually cease.
    for reference in NOD, rupa goswami descibes the characteristics of bhakti - 2 symptoms in sadhana stage are :- distruction of all inauspiciousness( kleshagni) & blossoming of auspiciousness (subhada) for the sadhaka bhaktas.

    further explaining klesagni, there are 4 stages of sins - prarabdha(manifested) ,bija( sins in seed form),kuta & aprarabha(unmanifested sins). but bhakti will destroy all the sins in any stage just like frying a seed. if a seed gets fried then they will not grow if u plant or water it.
    then all auspiciousness will come to that devotee. progressing further into bhava bhakti there are 4 symptoms :- moksha lagutakrta (makes liberation insignificant) & sudurlabha( it is very rare) & the 2 symptions previously said. then going further into prema bhakti the 6 symptoms are :- sansrananda visesatma( it gives such bliss that it cant be explained) & krsna akarshani (it attracts krsna so much so that krsna becomes controlled by that premi bhakta) & the privious 4 symptoms are included.

    this krsna prema is our pure eternal manifests on our perfection of bhakti.presently we are in the negative axis of the graph - maya baddha. We have to gradually advance toward the positive axis. That time we would alredy been freed from these impure coverings.

    hare krsna
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      Thanks for such a detailed elaborated counseling... my all doubts are cleared .. thansk

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  • Yes soul has desire and transcendental senses.

    From Govinda Bhashya or Vedanta Sutra :

    Adhikarana 15
    Activity Is the Soul's Nature

    Introduction by Shrila Baladeva Vidyabhushana

    In the following words the author of the sutras gives an example to show that the individual spirit soul performs actions, using other its own potency, or some other instrument to perform them.

    Sutra 38

    yatha ca takshobhayatha

    yatha—as; ca—and; taksha—carpenter; ubhayatha—in both ways.

    In both ways like a carpenter.

    Purport by Shrila Baladeva Vidyabhushana

    As a carpenter performs actions, employing both his own power and a host of tools, so does the individual spirit soul, employing both his own power and the various life-airs. Thus the soul employs the material body and other instruments also, to perform actions. It is the pure spirit soul who thus uses the modes of material nature to perform actions. That is why the scriptures sometimes say that the modes of material nature are the performer of actions.

    That the individual spirit soul is indeed the performer of actions is confirmed in Bhagavad-gita (13.22), where it is said:

    karanam guna-sango 'sya

    "The living entity in material nature thus follows the ways of life, enjoying the three modes of nature. Thus he meets with good and evil among the various species."*

    These words explain the scripture passages that declare the modes of nature to be the performers of action. It is foolish for a person to think himself the sole performer of action and ignore the five factors of action. Of course it is not that the individual spirit soul never performs any action. The idea that the soul never does anything is clearly refuted by the many scriptural statements urging the soul to act such a way that he may attain liberation. When in the Bhagavad-gita (2.19) the Lord says:

    nayam hanti na hanyate

    "The self slays not nor is slain."

    that does not mean that the individual spirit soul never performs any action, but rather that the eternal spirit soul can never be cut or slain. The meaning of the statement that the soul never acts has thus already been explained.
    In both this life and the next the devotees perform various actions of devotional service to the Lord. Because these actions are free from the touch of the modes of nature, because they are under the jurisdiction of the Lord's spiritual potency and because they lead to liberation, these actions are said not to be action, for they are not material actions. This is explained by the Supreme Lord Himself in these words:

    sattvikah karako 'sangi
    ragandho rajasah smritah
    tamasah smriti-vibhrashto
    nirguno mad-apashrayah

    "One who acts without attachment is in the mode of goodness. One who is blinded with desire is in the mode of passion. One whose intelligence is broken is in the mode of ignorance. One who takes shelter of Me is free from the grip of the modes of nature."
    That the pure spirit soul experiences the results of his actions is described in Bhagavad-gita (13.21):

    purushah sukha-duhkhanam
    bhoktritve hetur ucyate

    "The living entity is the cause of the various sufferings and enjoyments in this world."*

    Because it is by nature conscious it is the soul that experiences the results of actions, the modes of nature do not experience them. This refutes the idea that the modes are active and the soul is not. In this way it is proved that it is the conscious soul who experiences happiness and other sensations. In this way the individual spirit soul brings knowledge to itself and others. Both kinds of action exist for the soul. In the Prashna Upanishad (4.9) it is said:

    esha hi drashta sprashta shrota

    "It is the soul who sees, touches, and hears."

    Thus, by this example of the carpenter, the idea that the individual spirit soul is the only factor in action, and there are no others, is clearly refuted.

    • it means that when we are seeing anything by our eyes that means not we but actually our sprit is seeing that?? its very confusing..........

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        Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


        Suppose you are using glasses or binoculars to see something. Then who is seeing - the glasses, binoculars or you? Is it confusing? No na - you are using the binoculars or glasses to see. 

        Now the thing to understand is who is "you" - you are the spirit - its not our spirit, its I am the spirit soul and I am using the senses of the body I am in to see, hear, talk, walk etc. 

        I hope you understand now.


        Your servant,

        Radha Rasamayi DD

        • Hare Krishna Mata ji,


          Does spirit needs a body to see or feel ?? what is spirit with out a body (material body/ Spiritual body). Is it that Spirit cannot see or feel without body??  it has to has one body whether its spiritual or material...??

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            Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


            I will put it this way - soul needs a body to fulfill its desires. Therefore soul gets a body that shows its desires - if someone likes to swim a lot, he gets an aquatic body next birth, similarly someone is attached to meat eating will get a tiger body or carnivore body to enjoy eating meat. 

            Without a body, soul is in the subtle body in the material world. Subtle body consists of mind, intelligence and false ego. In subtle form, it is a ghost - bhoot pret. 

            There are spiritual senses, but they are not active unless one revives ones spiritual consciousness. Soul needs a body for sense gratification the way we need a car to go from place A to place B.

            Spiritual body is already there, it is manifested only after one completes the spiritual quest. 

            I hope I have answered your queries. Pls feel free to ask more questions if you wish.


            Your servant,

            Radha Rasamayi DD

            • Mata ji one last question....

              For Eg. people those who enjoy meat eating and cant live without eating it.. it becomes their habit or desire to eat meat, so that means its a desire of that particular soul..??? that means that soul is not pure ???  people are indulge in heinous acts now a days.. that means they are doing because its a desire of that particular soul... ??? that soul is not good/ pure then...  then how can I see pure soul or Krishna in every one then?? please advise mata ji... this is my last question....

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                Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


                It is the conditioning of that soul because of which that desire to eat meat has arisen. The soul is pure, the conditioning is what makes it desire. 

                Pure soul can be seen in pure devotees. Krsna is pure, present as supersoul with every soul. Therefore, regardless of how bad a person is, we should be able to appreciate that the supersoul is with this soul and see Krsna. 

                Pls dont say last question - better to keep on asking and clearing your doubts. I dont mind at all.


                Your servant,

                Radha Rasamayi DD

                • Hare Krishna Mata ji


                  Thank you so much for the awesome counseling.. my doubts are cleared now...

                  Happy Ekadashi...

                  Hari Bol 

                  Amit Mehra

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