some doubts towards krishna consiousness

hare krishna to all iskcon devotees

                                                     i have some doubts but iam unable to get right answers from my heart......if krishna has sended us to this earth to serve only him why he has sended here but certainly my heart says an answer that krishna sended you to help the week people and needy one........with a krishna in your soul...but i see in most of the iskcon devotees they never care for the sufferers and even they cannot direct them to krishna  yes there are some devotees who help the weak and tell that service to living entities is service to krishna.......i think it is the real iam thinking right?                                    

my second doubt is that many iskcon devotees tells that they never pray to other gods and go to other temples..i cant understand that .....yes i also believe krishna is the supreme god.......but what about other gods........we say that krishna is in every living entity.......but why cant we go to other temples even prabhupada said that you can go to church or mosque or any other religion places but believe krishna is the heart says that we are respecting a normal human why cant other gods ?and i also find some discussions here also can we pray that god?this god?

my third doubt is that is sex in married life is only for procreation?how many of iskcon devotees can proudly say that it is only for procreation in married life?there are very few people who can practise this and i certainly believe that it is not strictly  possible practically.and even prabhupada teachings are of 1970"s,at the present time population is increasing that time the population is very less in india and other countries and the couple used to have 5 to 6 children on an average mostly in india.but now how can people practise keeping all this aspects many of iskcon devotees are remaining celibate for their entire the devotees are offenders to krishna by not practising this even they have love to krishna.....plz help me

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          Hare Krishna Mataji. Dandavat Pranam. All glories to Srila Prabhupada


          As long as somebody's intention is advancement in Krishna Consciousness then there's nothing wrong in going/praying to other demigods.

          Same way you can go to temple and pray to Ganeshji to remove all hurldes coming on the way to Krishna consciousness.

          Same way you can pray to Durga Devi to remove some of her maya prakoop on ourself so that we can advance in Krishna consciousness.

          Same way we can pray to Lord Shiva to help(me) to become a great vaishnava since Lord Shiva himself is a great vaishnava and can understand our situation.*/

          All your above statement is indeed correct understanding and inline with the view of our previous acharyas. As long as our intention is to serve Krishna only then there is no wrong to praying to others if they can help us progressing in the path to Krishna.


          Consider a situation where a pure devotee goes to Shiva and a pious materialists goes to shiva. In amundane vision the devotee and the pious materialists may be seen has went for same purpose to worship Shiva. But we should understand these two persons has different motive and consciousness though they went to Shiva. Devotee went to Shiva because Shiva is "Magabhagawat" top most vaisnava , so devotee goes to pray to shiva if shiva can further elevate him in Krishna Bhakti. But the pious materialists have'nt go with that purpose or consciousness, his sole objective to go to Shiva is getting material benediction. He simply prays to Lord Shiva to fullfill his own material desires.

          Similarly Devotees pray to Durga Devi to help him/her by removing the clutches of maya because Durga Devi is in charge of illusionary energy of Krishna. But a mere pious materialist pray to Durga Devi to fullfil only his needs.



          For example Before starting the mahamantra japa we pray to our spiritual master Srila Prabhupada to bless us for spiritual advancement.*/

          We pray to our spiritual master because He was a pure servant of Krishna, Now when we goes to other temples and other school of thought we should have that intelligence to judge whether they are also pure Krishna Bhaktas.

          "ONLY BHAKTA CAN INCREASE OUR BHAKTI THATS WHY WE WORSHIPS THEM" ~ if going to others temple increase our Krishna bhakti then there is no wrong to go BUT we are not that pure thus dosen't have knowledge to judge who is bhakta and who is not so when we goes to others temple there maximum people comes with selfish desires and certainly there talks will not be on Krishna rather some times critical to Krishna. Now mind has a tendency to acquire the nature with which it associates. Now a neo-phyte going to other temples with expectation of KC talk will only be contaminated by anti-kc and materialistic non-sense talks only. The Devotees little faith to Krishna will become doomed.


          Krishna Bhakti is a liitle seed which with very hardship one neo-phyte plant in his/heart. But we must remember "WE HAVE TO GIVE WATER TO THE SEED ALSO ELSE IT WILL NOT GROW AND DIE". Similarly when one is not advanced NON_KC environment will ruin his/her seed of Krishna Bhakti and maya will grap him.

          /*I don't think its anyway harmful at all to go or worship other gods as long as our intention is pure Krishna consciousness and we understand the goal of our life is only Krishna krishna Krishna...*/


          "WHEN WE TRY TO GET THE LOVE OF A GIRL/BOY DO WE WANDER AROUND OTHER GIRLS/BOYS??"..NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..........what we do then? we goes to his/her parents, friends thus they can help us to convince them. Similarly we worships pure devotees and association because they will help us bring closer to Krishna. If one thinks by going other gods or school of thought they will get same environment and association which will increase his/her bhakti to Krishna then obviously he/she can go but it never happens in this polluted era.


          I heard there are some major issues/view/opinion differences between ISCKON Bangalore and ISCKON Mumbai. That itself shows even ISKCON is not 100% perfect.. (sorry to say this)*/

          The issues are all institutional and Organizational, nothing to do with pure devotion and teachings of our Acharyas. As  far vedic teaching is concerned " ISKCON IS 100% PERFECT BECAUSE SRILA PRABHUPADA IS PERFECT, BEACUSE GURU PARAMPARA ARE PERFECT, BEACUSE CHAITANYA MAHAPRABHU IS PERFECT AND ULTIMATELY KRISHNA IS PERFECT" ~ Now what ISKCON teaches is the words of Srila Prabhupada and Srila Prabhupada teaching is UNADULTERED WORDS OF KRISHNA. Now if we say ISKCON IS NOT 100% PERFECT THEN IT IMPLIES TO KRISHNA ALSO... And that is not possible............"WHICH MEAN WE ARE NOT PERFECT AND NOT IN A POSITION TO JUDGE OTHERS"

          IN an instituation we can't expect that every one is very realized and advanced. If we meditate on the bad side of any Instituation our progress will be doomed,doomed and doomed. Better we should try to stay with the good unadultered.

          Suppose in a coaching of a good reputed teacher many students come , some are very brilliant some are dull. But if we consider only the bad things then one day we will also become bad. So its not implies to the Teacher and entire coaching center beacuse there are brilliant student also, bad student become bad when they don't follow the teachings and it implies to ISKCON also but these doesn't mean there are no 100% perfect sannasy.

          To progress in the Bhakti we should not ponder on institutional or organizational problem of any school of thought rather we must follow the process gien by our acharyas like Srila Prabhupada then we will be perfect as he is 110% perfect.

          Your aspiring Servant

          Hari Bol

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Shrawan Prabhu, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

     Srila Prabhupada told that why you go only to materially poor people? He told everyone in this world is poor and weak. Even rich people are weak and lonely. We have to go to them also and distribute Prasadam. Prasadam is not ordinary food. We have to feed rich people also. 

    Devotees take care of weak people by distributing Prasadam and inviting them to chant the Holy Names. When we solve the problem we solve it from the root. By just taking care of temporary cloths we can not solve the problem from the root. Some day that cloth will get old and they have to change that. But if they take Krishna Consciousness and go back to Godhead then they are safe. They won't never ever suffer in this world.

    and we are not God in order to take care of everyone and anyone. Because of that we accept our insignificant position and try to please Krishna and He will feed everyone. As like Draupadi giving to Krishna one grain of rice satisfied 10 000 disciples of Durvasa Muni.


    If we want to worship to Demigods then we have to worship all 33 mln of them. Otherwise it is considered as an offense. To worship some of them but reject others.

    In this way Devotees do not loose time for such like of pujas and mujas. They worship Govinda who is the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Who is worshiped by Demigods also.

    No time! No time! No time!

    And why for a Devotee to worship to them??? Devotee wants to be with Krishna and he does not want any material benediction. so why to worship???

    He respects them very much. And respect means when one offers respect not waiting for something in return. It is the service! it is the true respect!

    But not a business as people do.


    Devotees are not proud of keeping celibacy. The time when we become proud maya will destroy us and we will have uncontrollable material desires.  

    Sincerity means we try our best to become free from material desires and beg Krishna to help us to remove those desires. We only beg Krishna to help us. We are not capable to control ourselves only Krishna can control our senses.

    In this way if we take chanting, hearing, reading practices very seriously Krishna will eventuality help us. But when we do not pay enough attention to our sadhana then problems come. then we want something behind spiritual practice.

    as like joy from food, sense objects, money....

    If we taste the sweet taste of the Holy Name then the sex desire seems to be useless. The taste of the Holy Names is like a sex for 2-3 hours (sorry for this ) but Srila Prabhupada told Srila Prabhupada brought an example of LSD. He told that the taste of the Holy Names is like a huge room filled with LSD.

    any enjoyment in this world has its own price. For sex we have to pay price of taking care of a child for 20-25 years. it  is not lesser then this. if we do not pay we will pay in other life. or we will be put into jail. because we stole the enjoyment. Please try to understand this!

    In previous ages people were far more intelligent and responsible. They knew that only enjoyment is a sin. They had knowledge that someday they have to pay the price.

    We should read Bhagavatam and hear lectures but not our dirty mind. By the time by the mercy of Krishna we will have higher taste and loose the lower.

    Your servant, 

    • Hare Krishna mathaji,

      very rightly said, if we have  the highter taste, the lesser would not interest us. Our main aim in this life should be to come closer to Krishna. Have one point agenda, follow the instructions of gurudeva. 

      Maral Mathaji ki jai , for giving such clear thoughts. 

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