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    Here is a quick little guide.

    select "calendar file downloads"

    download the "ICS (ICAL) Calendar Files" (you want to right click and "save link as" or "save target as" ... be sure the downloaded file's extension is ".ics"

    Google Calendar (create a gmail account if you don't have one)

    Go to


    "Calendars" Tab

    Create a New Calendar, name it (for the purpose of this guide I am naming is GV), and then go back to that Calendar Tab in settings

    "Import Calendar" and click "Choose FIle" and search for the ".ics" file. 

    Select the new calendar you had created before. 

    and click import. 

    If you go back to the calendar you will see you have events!


    SMS time:

    On the left side of Google Calender you will see a monthly calendar and below that "My Calendar". 

    You should see your calendar that you named. For me, it is "GV"
    When you hover your mouse over it you should see a small down arrow pop up. Click that down arrow and select Reminders and Notifications (you must select the down arrow)

    Towards the bottom you should see "Set up your mobile phone to receive notifications" next to an image of a cell phone. Click that.

    Select your country, add your phone number, and click "send verification code" ... you should receive a code.

    insert that code in the box provided (below "send verification code")

    and click finish setup.

    Now you should be taken back to the Reminders and Notifications page, except this time you will see that the SMS column is not grayed out. 

    At the top of that page you should see Event Reminders (see attached image). Towards the right of that, you should see "Add a reminder"; click that

    You should see something that reads


    By default, remind me via
     before each event"

    that drop down box between "via" and "10", click that and select SMS. You can change the number and change minutes  to hours / days / weeks.

    (You can add multiple reminders if you like, just click "add a reminder")

    In the row "Choose how you would like to be notified" select the SMS checkbox 

    Save it. 

    I'm still testing this out to see if I get actual SMS notifications, so I will update if things don't work out. 

    Hare Krishna,



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      Hare Krishna Dear Devotee's of Lord Krsna ,

      nice to see the replies,would be happy if govt. of india removes bulk sms limit .

      Also a website can be made to handle all this .

      And the service can be made funtional by registering user's and phone number.

      All those countries which dont have bulk sms limit , can use this service .

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        Well just to update dear devotees, 

        I set an event for sometime today, and I just got a text message, which means the above method does work.

        Of course this is to receive a text message. 

        If you have smartphones, then there really is no need to receive a text message alert, since it would notify you automatically. iCal works with android and apple products. Not sure about Windows or Blackberry. For android, throw in a widget on your home page (that's how I do it)

        For those who don't have smart phones, do some research online to see if you can import calendar dates. 

        But what is the SMS limit in India right now? (I live in the US, so i'm not aware of these laws)

  • So good the conception is, Thank you.  Hare krrishna,..................All glories to Srila Prabhupad.

    • Nice idea

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    nice idea! 

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