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Since few days I m not able to concentrate while chanting. Somebody please give me solution...sometimes I decide to give my 100% while chanting but that time I just don't chant...

I started feeling guilty and depressed. I want to be back on track..when I was doing chanting nicely and my whole day was going so positive and full of enthusiasm.

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Hare Krishna Mataji,

Dandavat Pranam

In addition to chanting you can practice TRATAK meditation for 15-20 mins daily . It is the most powerful meditation to improve concentration. 

It is a practice of burning  candle gazing at eye level 1.5 feet away. Tears might come to eyes at beginning but please not worry. It will gradually improve . Please try to keep your eyes open without closing as much you can. Close only when you feel strain . Concentrate on the flame . 

 Also you can do nadi sodhan pranayam(popularly known as anulom vilom ) for 5 mins and then three stage ujjayi pranayam. you can learn it here

After this is done do chanting. While chanting Kindly try to meditate on the sound as other devotees suggested.

Please do not practice Trataka with a burning candle if you have glaucoma, astigmatism, eye strain or epilepsy. 

I am sure devotees can benefit from this. Practice this for 2 weeks and feel the difference. 

Please avoid aparadh and read the pdf as Krsna Dasa prabhu ji suggested . I had also benefited from that pdf. Try to be happy . Hope it helps.

GopalKrishna Das,
Thank you for your interesting and helpful contribution. It gives me an idea of another practice or two which may help our Mugdha.

Mataji Mugdha, yoga traditionally is performed to enhance concentration as well. Yoga means to link up or "yoke" oneself to God. Chanting is a form of yoga (bhakti) but the bodily postures and exercises are great for improving concentration and focus, as well as enchancing general energy levels. You could try the "tree pose" in particular. Look it up and practice slowly and gently (yoga is gentle). The tree pose is meant to train focus. It also involves staring at one point, but probably won't induce eye strain (nothing against GopalKrishna Das's idea, personally I will try his idea but I love doing yoga so I am biased).

Prabhupada said that if you practice bhakti-yoga you get the benefits of all the other yogas. This could very well be true as far as spiritual benefits go but you have to see for yourself what works for you. (Prabhupada wanted us to see for ourselves the power of chanting in order to enhance our faith in that way.) Personally my view is that we have this world to make use of it how we please (though we may suffer for our choices).

The purest devotees do nothing but chant, but I am not like them yet, so I will not try to imitate or "monkey" them by pretending to be able to chant 18 hours a day and live alone in an ashram. These are symptoms of pure devotion, not the stepping stones to pure devotion. In my opinion this is the case. So likewise, I do not worry about comparing the quality of my bhakti with that of others, but it is hard to avoid comparing yourself with how you once were. I have felt guilty as well for reducing the quantity and quality of my chanting when I was doing much better before. It is like two steps forward, one step back. But look at how far you've come since before you STARTED chanting. And be patient. Krishna is not easy to obtain.

I hope this helps
Hare Krishna
So true....i will keep chanting and I will try to do quality chanting. I want to be at lotus feet....i want to be with my lord krishna

Hare Krishna mataji,

                             utsāhān niścayād dhairyāt
                             saṅga-tyāgāt sato vṛtteḥ
                            ṣaḍbhir bhaktiḥ prasidhyati

There are six principles favorable to the execution of pure devotional service.First and most important is being enthusiastic.To be enthusastic one must be with devotees who have it,by their causeless mercy they can impart the same unto your heart..The best person to give that everlasting enthusiasm is HDG A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada!!Kindly read prabhupadas books everyday one hour in the morning and one hour in the evening.It will keep you absorbed on the transcendental platform 24*7.Then we can chant properlyand be blissful every moment.Believe me!!!!

all glories to srila prabhupada



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