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I help my friend with some money as he was in dire need. But he goes to a wine shop and drinks his fill. While coming back home, he runs over his vehicle on a street kid sleeping on pavement and the kid dies. So, now will I be considered sinful for lending the money?

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  • Hare Krishna Rohit prabhu,

    Please don't be confused. In Gita the Lord says, "without any confusion or doubt's surrender to me". 

    There is no doubt that you will incur sin cause it is an action triggered by you which will come to you as an effect. But if you have surrendered already and did all your duties as offering to the Lord, then rest assured, you will not get back any reactions. Let it be good or bad. Cause the devotee of the Lord is not concerned with the results of his actions. 

    Hope this clarifies your doubt's.

  • Yes Prabhu. You will share his Sin Prabhu. These are discussed in the Garuda Purana(Chapter 6) and Vayu Purana about sharing Sins.

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    • Thank you for the reply prabhu

  • Hare Krishna..

    Firstly, this is just a question from me and not an actual thing which happened to me. And I want to thank you for replying it.

    We may not be guilty if we go by the law in today's world. But what would be the effect in spiritual terms? We have seen in many of our puranas that because of one mistake(knowingly/unknowingly) committed, whole generations had to suffer. So, its not completely true to say that one is only affected by the sins committed solely by him. This is my opinion Prabhuji. Any thoughts on this?



    • I think it is meant sin in discharge of one's duty. Like taking care of someone and that person dies on you.

      The question then becomes is hitlers mother spiritually tainted by her sons mistakes, is she bound to go to hell?

      I dont think so prabhu, the mothers duty is arranged by nature and is fulfilled accordingly.

      Action or refusal to act is not renunciation. Ones duty is also more important than theoretical things. Example: a child who is offered a job selling alcohol, but his parents are dead and he or she has to tske care of his family: blind grandfather and younger siblings. Do you think the lord of compassion sri vasedev would condemn the child for accepting job? One should be careful who they call a sinner and condemn to death or hell in ones mental perversinf beliefs.

      The reason is that nature sets up such events in terms of realizations in the near future. That i have lived to see.

      So prabhu, would you sell a beer to feed you very dependent family who is unableto work knowing that your loved ones will not atarve to death and get medical care they need, or you say screw family, i will not sell beer because that will send me to hell?

      Prabhu what is more self incriminating than he who refuses to act the good deed which is brought to him by nature and God as a test of compassion and compromise in order to go selfishly to a potential heaven he has never experiwnced.

      Whoever is biorn in this lower worls and all lower and even higher worlds is subject to differences. There exist thousands upon thousands of situations. Do not listen to the cruel minded; you know what cruelty is in your mind, it is a remnant of the unfaithful mind, spiritual cruelty and desire to dominate is another type of abuse sometimes worse than eating meat or drinking alcohol.

      Like jeaus said "let he who has never sinned cast the first stone". Its not about being right sometimes as ot is not beingg a hypocrite. Another way to aee it is "let God do the judgement and abstain from using scriptures to jusge actions of others".
      • Thank you for your reply prabhuji.

    • I keep getting these doubts. Recently one devotee has asked whether he can join a job as brand manager in a wine industry. So, although we dont drink, since we are working for the production of it, we are indirectly responsible for the ill health of the people drinking it. This is one thought. Another thought is that we are just doing our job and getting paid. So, there is no bad thing in that.

      Similarly, we lend money to others. And we are never sure whether that money would be spent for something good or bad. But if it is utilized for something bad, then that sin will be bound to us, rite?

      Ofcourse, surrendering to the Supreme Lord, offering Him the work we do can never incur sin(As said in Gita) is what my opinion.

  • also consider this prabhu; I am a doctor; i have helped many men and women get better; these people sometimes may come to me becuae of pain in their hand, which they use to beat up someone near them on a daily basis.

    should i deny that individual my services because he is planning on using his good health to do harm to others?

    the answer is no; we by our actions and pledges, as you by your action of being a good friend to your "friend" decide to be so in a nonjudgmental way; 

    perhaps your only sin may have been to have wrongfully associated with such a person who is destructive. perhaps thats why you feel bad , rather than because of your good actions; humans are not typically guilty of good actions; but rather upon feeling shame, they may inadvertently focus themselves in a guilty way; such guilt is self imposed; and it exists only because you had freedom of choice in your association.

    good actions do not carry sinful content; if it would be so; compassion wouldn't be enough to attract the company of holy persons.

  • Do you consider yourself a sinner because of this prabhu?
    If one is looking to incriminate you, one also has to incriminate his mother for bringing him to this world.
    He is sole guilty of perjury and harm he causes to others; if you know the future; then you are also liable and guilty to the extent of the knowledge you possess. but then again, under whose jury and under whose law?

    in normal human terms prabhu, you are not judged guilty of anything, and your friend is responsible for his actions; even if he drinks alcohol.

    its like women who drink and then claim they got raped; or the men who sleep with a woman who has drunk 1 glass of wine can be liable for rape since they weren't under the influence of. perhaps your friend can formulate such a similar claim, and say its not his fault, he was abused by the alcohol and the poor visibility of the night?
    at the same time, it is impossible for you to feel 100% off and guilt free, purely because you had created prior association with such "friend" and individual. just as you feel guilty, his mother and family who have associated with him before probably are or feel twice as guilty!
    in what comes to you, you are free to convey or feel any specific way, and eventually you'll feel better, but the overall message or event should be the following:
    are companies who lend money responsible for the money that is used to murder others, wether accidental or not? the answer is no, right? because they are neither guilty of the good that people do with the money they are lent.

    there is 1 thing i am forgetting; can u bring it up so I can clarify it? thanks.

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