• very nice I thank you all for your KRISHNA KaTah-I owe all my good fortunes to the generalities of the devotees sharing their knowledge of Krishna with me. HarayNahma HarayNama Sankeartonah There is "no other way"!
  • Jai Radhe Shiven Ji


    I am sorry to say that please don't base your judgement on one picture. Radharani is offered all symbols of an Indian Married women (conch bangle, sindur, iron bangle etc.) as per gaudiya vaishnav tradition. you may find that in any traditional temple, for example Barsana

    Hope it answers your query

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    Das Satyananda

  • Hari Bol,

    srimati radha rani is none other than the internal pleasure giving potency of the lord the 'hladini shakti', there is no difference between lord krishna and srimati radharani whatsoever.  

    both Lord Krishna and Srimati radharani combine in one form to appear as Lord gauranga mahaprabhu to deliver the fallen souls of kali yuga. so your question of marriage and mangalsutra is very irrelevant. When we try to see the lord and his energy (which is srimati radharani itself) with material perspective we end up asking wrong questions and do apradha.  

    The relation of anyone of us with krishna is of a devotee and krishna as our master and srimati radharani is the topmost devotee of lord. She brings a sincere devotee of the lord closer to lord himself and she takes care of the pure devotees of the lord.

    so we should not see this as a mundane materialistic thing and we should not compare this eternal spiritual thing on a material mundane platform. we humans have four defects by default that is  1. he must commit mistakes 2. to be illusioned 3. cheating propensity 4. imperfect senses... so we all this defects we cannot understand the transcendental nature and pastimes of lord  and his energy with clarity because we are ourselves imperfect, so how can we understand the perfect.

    so we should take guidance of the scriptures and the guidance of the devotees who take shelter of lord and his words always and keep lord in their heart always. they guide us to real process and then we become purified enough and then we start to understand the process and the philosophy including the pastimes of krishna and his energy..

    Hare krishna,


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