shrimadbhagwad gita

radhe radhe !! ive read sadhak sanjivani and bhagwat gita from gita press but after reading this i get a confusion that 'krishna said in all yadu vanshis i'm vaasudev' . by sadhak sanjivani and gitapress version says vaasudev is swayam krishna but in this another version says vaasudev can be balrama or krishna... please read the picture .

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    That is why to avoid these doubts, we read only one version, which is given by our founder acharya Srila Prabhupada. We are neophytes and cannot understand the nuances of different philosophies. We have to choose one philosophy and start walking down that path. Frequently we think that we will read this version, then that version, then we will reconcile the two or three versions in our mind and arrive at one version which maybe a 4th version whihc is workable for us. Ineffect, we waste that much of time and effort and the result is monism, not bhakti.

    To answer the immediate question, we both know that Krsna and Balaram appeared as brothers in Dvapara yuga lila. Therefore, both of them beings sons of Vasudev can technically be called Vaasudev. The same way, Kaunteya can be used for the elder 3 brothers of pandavas, but in Gita atleast, it is being used to address only Arjuna. I am given to understand taht elsewhere in Mahabharata, Kaunteya has been used for each of the 5 pandavas. In all the revealed scriptures avaiable to us, and as per my knowledge, Vaasudev has been used to refer to Supreme Lord only and not to Lord Baladev. Still this sect feels that Vaasudev mentioned in this verse means Balaramji. I am nobody to comment on the reasoning, myself a fallen soul. It is on you what version you want to accept and what you want to follow. Its not that by accepting any one version, we are rejecting or belittling any other version. We have to choose our path, giving due respect to other paths.  

    My purpose of answering your query was to make you understand taht we have answers, we are not trying to make people stick to our Gita only because we dont have any answers, but to make them firm in their convictions and to help them progress faster.

    Please choose one path and start walking on that path prabhuji. That will be best for you.


    Your servant,


    • thank you mataji ! can you please give me link of bhagwadgeeta(by srila prabhupada) pdf ?

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