Shrim Ram Character.

Can I develope character like shri Ram? And what is the process, sadhana to get it? By reading Ramcharitmans and Valmiki Ramayana and applying their teachings can I get his character and also by chanting Hare Krishna Maharashtra? Please give me your guidance, All glories to the Devotees

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  • Hare Krishna,

    Please discuss and let me know what are the characters of Lord Rama that you are getting inspired to take up. Because Lord Rama is not an ordinary man. He is Bhagwan. One cannot immitate Lord Rama or become like Lord Rama at any cost. Lord Rama is only one piece. There is no one like HIM.  Lord Sri Krishna has 64 qualities and Lord Vishnu has 60 qualities as per listed in Srila Prabhupada books. Lord Rama must be having around 60-62 qualities. 

    Now it is not even easy for great sages to count down and list down all the innumerable qualities of  Lord Rama or Krishna. Only some we know as our previously acharyas have told in books.

    But out of all those 60 qualities which one are you trying to implement in your day to day life. First you tell me that list. Then we shall see how we can try to incorporate those qualities and character traits in our system.

    Hare Krishna.

      1. गुणवान्   (guṇavān = principled person)

      2. वीर्यवान्   (vīryavān = potential one)

      3. धर्मज्ञः   (dharmajñaḥ = conscientious)

      4. कृतज्ञः   (kṛtajñaḥ = redeemer)

      5. सत्य वाक्यो   (satya vākyo = truth-teller)

      6. धृढ व्रतः   (dhṛḍha vrataḥ = self-determined in his deed)

      7. चारित्रेण च को युक्तः   (cāritreṇa ca ko yuktaḥ = blent with good-conduct)

      8. सर्व भूतेषु को हितः   (sarva bhūteṣu ko hitaḥ = benign, in respect of all beings)

      9. विद्वान्   (vidvān = adept)

      10. समर्थः   (samarthaḥ = ablest)

      11. एक प्रिय दर्शनः   (eka priya darśanaḥ = uniquely good-looking)

      12. आत्मवान्  (ātmavān = courageous)

      13. जित क्रोधो   (jita krodho = one who has controlled his anger)

      14. द्युतिमान्   (dyutimān = brilliant one)

      15. अनसूयकः  (anasūyakaḥ = not jealous)

      16. बिभ्यति देवाः च जात रोषस्य संयुगे.  (kasya bibhyati devāḥ ca jāta roṣasya saṃyuge = even whom do the gods fear, when provoked to war).

      • These are 16 prominent qualities from his countless qualities ,This was asked by Valmiki mini from Narada muni 

        • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

          I accidentally clicked the delete button and lost the reply which I gave. You must be having the reply in ur mail box.

          Can you post it back here. Thanks.

          • Hare Krishna,

            I guess you didn't get the reply in your mail box. Hmm

            Out of the 16 prominent qualities we can implement few but as far as I know we cannot implement to the fullest like 100%. As Lord Rama is displaying the best of human qualities when He was on Earth for us to follow but  not everyone is Lord Rama right., Afterall Lord Rama is not Human though he showed us the perfected huaman life.  If you are able to even follow 50% of each of the qualities perfectly also that is enough, If you are able to follow 75% you are great. Because we can never immitate Lord Rama ever. 

            It is good to surrender to Lord Rama only and ask HIS guidance in this matter. Because we are not so able beings to relay on our own self to achieve such perfection.

            In SP books we find this--

            Lord Krishna. 64 qualities or 100%
            Vishnu Tattva. 60 qualities or ~93%
            Shiva Tattva. 54 qualities or ~84%
            Jiva Tattva. 50 qualities or ~78%
            So, as per this, we are jiva tattva and we can at max have 50 qualities of Lord. That is max. limit and out of these...all qualities how much you can perfect if upto you.
            But again as I said it is just false ego to claim that " you " can do something on your own. If Lord gives blessings then one can surely become perfected. That is another level. So surrender to Lord and seek His guidance. Chanting helps us. Becuase thru chanting only one gets connected to Lord.
            One more thing is there surely will be tests on these each character if you are trying to perfect. You must be able to face challenges.  Because Lord Rama displayed all these characteristic traits even when HE was facing dire and adverse situations in life. You must be able to show and display the characters even when everything goes wrong. If you want to become Like Lord Rama or you get inspired by His life and characters traits. You must be able to be courageous also to face all those challenges. People say that to follow Lord Rama and revere Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna cannot be followed as He declared Himself to be God. He did whatever the time needed. He didn't stick to dharma and rules at many places. He Bend the dharma also. But for HIM everything is possible as HE IS GOD. THe rules of Dharama are laid by Lord Krsna and He can only change them also. But He is not too much rigid and He is flexible, Unlike Lord Rama who didn't declare Himself as God and wanted to show people how to lead a life of a human. It is tough to be like Lord Rama also. We can try.
            1गुणवान्   (guṇavān = principled person)
            Nice to have principles in life. Getting up early, doing your regular duties on time, following a routine it is very good. You can have some principles in life. Srila Prabhupada has given us to follow regulative principles. In Kaliyuga if you are following the 4 regulative principles perfectly then it is greatest achievement.
            2.वीर्यवान्   (vīryavān = potential one)
            You can have this trait easily, but the potency which you show the capablities you show are only limited to jiva tattva. But still you can try to be something better. By having some goals in life.
            3.धर्मज्ञः   (dharmajñaḥ = conscientious)
            Do the right thing which is needed, punctual, scruplous. Very nice all these can be followed.  You keep things tidy, you follow a routine, do perfectly things, be punctual, do whatever is right only and never think of anything other then doing right. Perfect. For the sake of dharma, Lord Rama even let Sita devi to suffer in forest. Dharmo rakshati rakshita. 
            4.कृतज्ञः   (kṛtajñaḥ = redeemer)
            This one everyone should follow., Even if anyone does some simple help they must recognise the help done. This is must. This is good attitude. Being grateful. Nice. you can follow this. Lord Rama also was great redeemer and even recognised the slightest help rendered by a squirel during the building of the bridge. This is one habit which I think we all can follow. 
            5. सत्य वाक्यो   (satya vākyo = truth-teller)
            To follow this is good. But to be like Satya Harischandra even when Life of dear one's and his own life is at stake one who doesn't leave the truth that is most rewarded. But not easy 
            One time a cow was being chased by a Malecha a butcher. A barahmin was sitting there doing sandhya vandanam. The butcher asked the brahmin did you see the cow? Brahmin was in  a fix. If he tells the truth. that the cow is hiding behind the tree., the cow will be caught and its death is next thing to happen. The if he doesn't tell truth his Brahmanatva is at stake. Which way he must take? Brahmina told the truth the cow was caught by the butcher.  Cow cursed the brahmin for telling the truth and for that sin brahmina had to visit the hell. See, If if brahmina didn't care about his selfish rigid principles being spoilt he would have saved the cow.  Sometimes we must know where to bend our rigid rules also.
            6.धृढ व्रतः   (dhṛḍha vrataḥ = self-determined in his deed)
            This is good too. You can try to be determined in every deed. Be it material or spiritual. Then only you can achieve results. But again One must not be like Bhishma Pitamah.. Pratigyna badha that too much strict follower of principles and whatever he took vow on he didn't budge even when the Kulvadhu was getting harassed in public. This is not done. Krishna shows to Bhishma that when time comes we must learn to be flexible also. It doesn't matter if our vow is broken but dharma shouldn't be broken.  Krishna Himself broke HIS vow of not lifiting any weapon in the war just to show Bhismha this fact only.
            7.चारित्रेण च को युक्तः   (cāritreṇa ca ko yuktaḥ = blent with good-conduct)
            This is good. One must be righteous and having good conduct. Respecitng elders and showing love to youngers. This is what Lord Rama shows how to bahave with elders and how to behave with friends and youngers. This one can be applied and implemented.
            8.सर्व भूतेषु को हितः   (sarva bhūteṣu ko hitaḥ = benign, in respect of all beings)
            This is good. Practicing Vegatarianism can help to be compassionate to all beings. 
            9.विद्वान्   (vidvān = adept)
            One can read all books in this world. But no one can become Vidhwaan. We cannot know everything in the universe. Vidhawaan toh ek hi hai woh Bhagwan. Vidhya only should make us humble and come to the point that " I don't know many things" If that is not there that Vidya will only give us pride. So We cannot become completely perfect in this aspect but we can try to become vidhwaan in comparision to few people around us.
            10.समर्थः   (samarthaḥ = ablest)
            However one may become qualified in any skill they are not ablest person. There is some lacuna always. So just its false ego only to claim I am ablest person. Ablest person is only Krishna. But one can try to become ablest, but ofcourse we must know that at any point if this is checked our pride shouldn't be too high to accept humblest position.
            The thing is when we try to become perfectionist>> we try to find faults in others. We think we are great rest all are fools. That is human nature. We cannot tolerate people who are not following any rules or principles in life. We make fun of the others. This is where we fall down. So pride should be under check .. ofcourse for the one who is trying to be best, tests are also there and every time test will only teach us how to become perfected. Krishna will surely test you in each and every thing. Lord Rama faced so many difficult situations and still he hold on to the truth and never left dharma. So If you want to become like HIm you surely have to be prepared for facing such circumstances then only you can be perfected. 
             11. एक प्रिय दर्शनः   (eka priya darśanaḥ = uniquely good-looking)
            this beauty and all is given by God and its a gift., One can become beautiful inside by developing characteristics of Lord Rama. External beauty is not valid. ONlY Lord is Externally and Internally beautiful.
            12. आत्मवान्  (ātmavān = courageous)
             Being courageous is good. We all should be. Esp. When we face hard times we have to be courageous, we should not be taking back step. But one shouldn't be overly courageous to risk one's own life, just to prove that one is courageous. You should use ur judgement.
            13.जित क्रोधो   (jita krodho = one who has controlled his anger)
            Lord says in BG Krodh is not good. One must control this bad habit.  
            2.63 BG -->From anger, delusion arises, and from delusion bewilderment of memory. When memory is bewildered, intelligence is lost, and when intelligence is lost, one falls down again into the material pool.
            So to aviod this chain reactions we must control our mind and anger, words that come out of our mouth.
            But again all emotions are coming from Lord. If this anger was so bad, then Lord wouldn't have given us this at all. These emotions are very powerful so use them wisely. One can tame one's mind but cannot eliminate the anger itself from the system.
            Bhagwan says in BG. 
            The Blessed Lord said: O mighty-armed son of Kunti, it is undoubtedly very difficult to curb the restless mind, but it is possible by constant practice and by detachment.( 6.35)
            Lord gives here how to tame and curb the restless mind. He said only constant practice and detachment is the key.
            14.द्युतिमान्   (dyutimān = brilliant one)
            The Brilliant one is only Krishna. But ya, We can also become briliant one's little bit. if we practice above said good qualities. atleast 78% we can score or70% as jiva atmas have this much only capacity.
            15.अनसूयकः  (anasūyakaḥ = not jealous)
            This is good quality one should practice this. being jealous no one can achieve anything. It is better to rectify our mistakes then compare with others and feel jealous.
            16.बिभ्यति देवाः च जात रोषस्य संयुगे.  (kasya bibhyati devāḥ ca jāta roṣasya saṃyuge = even whom do the gods fear, when provoked to war).
            This 16th one is not applicable to jiva tattavas. We are always low compared to demigods also. I cannot expect that Gods will fear me. HHAHA. That is funny. I fear God always. Even demigods are also great then me.
            But the thing is those who follow righteous conduct yes demigods fear them I heard. Janak Maharaj and other great rules who used to follow dharma perfectly Like King Bharata King Priyavrata and some others who followed dharma perfectly were feared by gods also. But a normal people like us. I am not so great as to even think that I am great to demigods also. What to say compare to Lord .. We are nothing.
            Anyways all the best to you keep practicing... but remember one thing perfectionist is only Krishna, as He is the one who made Dharma also. He can make and break dharma. He is flexible and not rigid. I bow to Lord Krishna.  Just know for sure we cannot become perfected. And never look down on those who are not able to follow rigid principled life like you. Be kind and respectful to all.  If you criticise and look down at others again it is going to be big sin.  Rigid rules and regulations following to have a perfected life is good. But You know we are living in a mixed society we have to be with people who don't have any rules in their rule books. we have to deal with them patiently. We cannot expect everybody to be like us. If you start expecting that every body around you should become perfected like you. Then there will be conflicts. 
            It is better to seek guidance of guru, or Lord Rama or Lord Hanuman ji for this task of how to cultivate these qualities. Chanting Mahamantra will remove all the bad qualities one by one FROM THE ROOTS.
            Hare Krishna.
            • The first thing you have given in the description that 64 gunas are in Krishna, 60 gunas are in Vishnu....This is not found anywhere in the scriptures of Sanatan Dharma, it is a product of your own mind.

              I am giving you some examples which have been addressed to Lord Shri Ram in Bhagwatam.


              Lord Rāma in śrīmad Bhāgvatam :-

              न वै स आत्मात्मवतां सुहृत्तम:
              सक्तस्त्रिलोक्यां भगवान् वासुदेव: (5.19.6)

              भगवन्तमादिपुरुषं (5.19.1)

              तस्यापि भगवानेष साक्षाद् ब्रह्ममयो हरि: (9.10.2)

              कालय कलेश इक्ष्वाकुवंश अवतीर्य गुरोर्निदेशे (2.7.23)

              कूटस्थमादिपुरुषं जगतामधीशम् (9.10.14)

              मन्योश्च भूतपतय: स भवान् गुणेश: (9.10.14)

              भगवान् दत्त्वा रक्षोगणेशताम् (9.10.32)

              भगवान् राजन् ग्रहैश्चन्द्र इवोदित: (9.10.44)

              भगवानात्मनात्मानं राम (9.11.1)

              भगवन् भुवनेश्वर (9.11.6)

              तच्छ्रुत्वा भगवान् रामो रुन्धन्नपि धिया शुच: ।
              स्मरंस्तस्या गुणांस्तांस्तान्नाशक्नोद् रोद्धुमीश्वर: (9.11.16)


              In Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran, Lord Shri Ramchandra ji is said to be the master of all  12 kala, 13 kala 16 kala 64 kala 104 kala All this does not matter to him. Because in Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran, he is called the master of all Kala. 


            • And sorry for not checking your email

            • You just explained like me a guru Dhanyawad

            • Hare Krishna mata ji thank you so much for this explanation and guidance this helps me a lot in today life and in future also , Dandwat pranam

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