Hare Krishna!
Please accept my humble obeisance. All glories to Srila Prabhupada,

Most of the medicines are made with meat particle/ animal's body particle. But most of us (Even including devotees) probably do not care about the ingredients of the medicine. And it is very common. Whatever our doctor prescribes medicines for us, we take that. Because ultimately we have to keep our body healthy so that we can devote ourselves more on devotion to Krsna. Basically we have no other way.

My question is that, Being a strict vegetarian what should we we do then? Even before taking vegetarian food we first offer it t o Krsna. Likewise should we offer the medicine to Krsna in the same way.

Please guide me Prabhuji/ Mataji..

Just Servant

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  • I feel that there's always an alternative. You can buy capsules made from agar. If it's possible, see if you can get the medicine by itself (assuming its meat free) and make the capsules yourself. Definitely communicate with your doctor.

    Something that was suggested to me is to chant while focusing on the problem and Krishna will bless you with the wisdom you need. This has worked for me, and Krishna has been very kind. I recommend the same practice.

  • I had the same concern the other day when I wanted to break my fast. Not only medicines but also supplements contain animal products. I have been taking one supplement daily for proper development of baby. It contains fish oil. But I have chosen to take it.

    I believe, if we are consuming animal product in any form, we have to repay for that karma. As Srila Prabhupada said, just like fire does not excuse a child saying its innocent I shall not burn him,her. Likewise is the karma cycle, everyone have to pay for killing eating meat, in whichever form. I am taking the supplement with animal product and I do not wish to pose this excuse that because I am trying to be Krishna conscious or trying to develop a Krishna conscious baby, it is acceptable to eat tht supplement.
    That would be mere delusion just pacify myself. The fact will remain that I have consumed meat of an animal who was killed in the name of medicine.
    Therefore I may be punished but depends on God whether whatever He thinks is appropriate. I therefore surrender unto Him for everything.
    • Hare Krnsa,
      There are substitutes available for at least some of them. So we should look for those rather than taking the medicines which have animal products.
      For Prenatal vitamins for eg, we do get vegetarian one. If you live in the USA you should look for rainbow light Prenatal One which is available easily in kroger. It's vegetarian. I took these when I was pregnant.

      Sitapriya dasi
    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna dear Aarti Mataji, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      After one year practice of Krishna Consciousness and following 4 regulative principles for 1-2 years non Devotee doctors told me to eat eggs. Because i started to eat very less and became very thin, as a result some hormonal problems started. I used to eat unhealthy because for that period of time i did not meet Devotees and did not knew how to make vegetarian diet healthy. 

      So these doctors told me to eat eggs. Foolishly i agreed and ate for 1-2 days. After that i felt some subtle pain within my heart. It was the voice of conscience. Then i decided: "for the sake of my own health why i should take away other living being's life? If he does not fulfill his karma in chicken body then again and again will suffer getting such like lower bodies..." So i stopped.

      But later meet Devotees, learned how to cook in a Vedic way and eat properly: diary products, enough butter, vegetables, grains...

      In this way health also improved.


      Little Abhay was once severely sick. Non devotee doctor told his parents to feed him with chicken soup. They cooked and wanted to put to the mouth of little Abhay (Srila Prabhupada) but he refused to take. They started to force but he refused. Then his father took him to the front of Radha Krishna Deities and prayed intensely:

      "I depend on You Lord, this child belongs to You, please You do something but let him become healthy without taking some sinful medicines!" After that Abhay became healthy.

      Don't You think that is a surrender?   But not that we take sinful thing and doing that surrender to Krishna?

      Surrender means we do what Krishna has told us to do - to offer Him fruit, leaf, flower and do not have fear of other things. When we eat pure Prasadam there is no need for brining harm to other living entities. Plus our health will be nice.

      Maybe i an wrong, please forgive me!

      Your servant, 

      P.S. for healthy life we need pure cow milk, ghee, yogurt, cow urine etc 



        hello maral mataji,I agree with what you have written about taking meat free medicine and the example about surrender. But your first reply to the original post saying tht medicine can be taken to survive the body for Krishna consciuosness. Both your points contradict each other



        Im not saying we must take or not take medicine, its a choice I have personally made as I clearly mentioned.


        Just on another note, we consume only tht why we offer to Krishna when medicines are not offered how can we eat them?

        It possibly may be easier to refuse such medicine for your self.but when it comes to baby,

        it is not easy as thr may be pressurefrom immediate family. And rightly so cos the baby is not mine






        • Volunteer

          Yes, true Mataji it contradicts. But i just gave example of how Srila Prabhupada was almost deathly sick but even though he did not drank chicken soup. 

          So it depends on our selves. And faith to Krishna. 

          Few years back my father started to chant the Holy Names, read Bhagavad Gita. But continued one sin-he thought my little brother who should grow still needs meat. So he continued using his money for buying meat and feed him-my brother. 

          So it was now an offense not even sin. Because he knew now that to kill an animal and eat that is a great sin but he continued thinking that my child need to grow well.

          As a result after a year he left chanting. He left everything. Started smoking what is worse.

          So it depends.

          Please forgive me I am just bringing examples from real lives, and I am sure You know what is better for You and for Your child!

          Your servant, 

    • (this based on my limited research in the USA -- if you have concerns please do you own research)

      1. Most flu shots contain eggs

      2. Most milk (and even some breakfast cereal) bought in store are fortified with Vitamin D (specifically D3 - which is from animal source. D2 is derived from Vegetable source).

  • Volunteer

    i am not sure that all medicines have non veg in it. But they might be for sure tested on animals. 

    If our health is so worse that we are dying then for the sake of being alive and serve to Krishna we can drink such medicines.

    But i try not to get sick first, and even if need some medicines have ayurvedic. If even that does not help then i take other medicines.

    But mostly if we use cow products like milk, ghee, yogurt, cow urine, cow dung then illness stays away.

    Your servant,  

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