33 crores Demigod and Demigodess!!!

There are 33 crores Devi/ Devta as per Scriptures.

Many people in India Worship various Demigod and demigodess.

Some people worship One demigod at a time and some people worship Many demigod at a time!!!

Like at my friends Altar,there are about 21 Demigods photos and idols!!!

He says that they worship All of them because they dont wana Upset any God.

But he dont know that there are 33 crores Demigod and demigodess.

I was suppose to tell him about the numbers but then i though he might go to market to search

and bring all 33 crores Devi-devta!!!!


A very Important thing.Santoshi mata is one of the favourite Godess to be worshiped by many Indian devotees,they believe a Lot in her and Also keep fast on Friday.

But from Our IYF Leader H.G Praneshwar Das we came to Know that Godess Like Santoshi mata dosen't exist Either In Scriptures(vedas) nor In these world !!!!.

He further said,There was a Old Black and white Indian film where a Director came Out with such a Imaginary Godess which Helps all Poor and Innocent people of India.

And people thought that she is one of the demigodess from 33 crores!!!

And hence they started worshiping her!!! and also keeps fast for her!!!!.

So keeping fast and punishing body for unncessary things are aslo a sin.

Because They are born and brought up in india,people think they are very Knowledgeble about vedas!!.

The truth is that they dont know the absolute truth that Lord Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead

As we all have habit of debating from scriptures , someone may know about it .

If any one of you find any references please post here .

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  • Volunteer

    This is true that there is no reference for Santhoshi mata in any of the scriptures and is a concocted personality by the Indian Movies. I heard this from devotees and also from Yoga Guru Baba Ramdevji also in his yoga shebir long ago. However, I do not understand why it is shocking for you!!!! now thats really shocking... lol.

  • Hare krishna Ashwani Prabhu,


    (Because of English is not my mother language and I have little collection of suitable word, so please understand my information in this context) 

    This is not shocking news for me about existence of Godess of Santoshi mata! because of I have been seing Santoshi mata worship in my family, particularly by my mother. This is a common practice here in western Rajsthan. A popular temple of Santoshi mata, situated in Jodhpur city. I have not any sastric evidence of existence of godess of Santoshimata, but here people used to say that Santoshi mata is daoughter of demigodes,Sri Ganesh Ji! and she is Godess of material satisfection( "Santosh")!

    Hindi movie, " Jai Santoshi mata" was very popular. This was counted among top ten hindi movie in hindi movie history so far!

    Why Santoshi mata was popular in 70-80 decades, I think due to no other demigods were provided material satisfaction among rural uneducated people migrated in cities( and they had left worship there own local rural demigodes,"Lok devta") and they have nothing capacity to acquire all facilities available in modern city set up and they were feeling depression and then they turn to worship Santoshi mata and Satoshi mata worship( shradha!) had given satisfaction!

    But now due to influence of TV culture( busy to understand modern material culture) and peoples are now more educated, Popularity of Santoshi mata not as, as it was.But still peoples( particularly mataji) are feeling  material satisfaction in between lack of material possession.

  • Hare Krsna Ashwani,
    In this age of deceit anything is possible but there is a backing in the sastras there are crores of Demi gods. So we cant challenge this on the basis of the mentioned reporting.
    Point is we should converge on our aim that is to serve Krsna and inform ppl abt his superiority.
    Hari Bol

  • Hare Krishna! Jai Sri Krishna...Thanks for sharing.

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna Ashwani Prabhu. Dandawat Pranam. All Glories To Srila Prabhupada

    Hare Krishna Ashwani Prabhu, Your efforts are sincere to educate people. whenever I see your post, I see so much love for Krishna in those post. But who are going to understand this. As long as we want GOD as our order supplier , we can't never be fully surrender To Krishna and Love him. Our mind are all fill with lusty desires only.

    We are Cheaters , we want to be cheated. We don't want to love God selflessly. We don't want to believe in Vedas and Acharyas. We are demon we creates our own God and Blashpeheme pure devotees. We don't think that we have to go, death is inevitable, still we don't able to detach ourself from pride, possesion, relative,baseless arguments. We are rascal no 1.

    Hari Bol


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