Hare Krishna Prabhu Ji ,

What is Shiv Gita , What should i understand about conversation between Lord Ram And Shiv ..

Help Me ..

Why People Say That India Is Divided Into,

 Vaishnavism And Shivaism ..

 Whom To Believe ,

 When I Believe , Faith Is Like A Mirror , Again Question Arises ??

 What To Do Please Help,

 Hare Krishna

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  • In the episode of Mahabharatha where Pitamaha Bhishmacharya explains Dharma to King Yudhistira, with Lord Sri Krishna beside, when he comes to explain Siva-Tattva he says it is not possible by humans to effectively explain it and can only be experienced. Lord Krishna smiles and acknowledges this fact !!. This experience comes to us only when we reach the pinnacle of devotion to Sri Krishna just like Lord Siva carries Lord Krishna in his mind and heart. Its a real feeling of ecstasy. In another place Sri Krishna (Sri man Narayana) says - among the gods Brahma is dear to me, dearer still is Maha Lakshmi who serves Him and has won the place in His heart. Dearer than Lakshmi Herself are His beloved devotees to whom He has given His heart. His Life he has granted to Srimathi Radharani (whose unselfish love and devotion captured Sri Krishna's attention always). But dearer than His Life, in His very eternal Supersoul he cherishes/cradles Siva. So what can we say about the benediction of Lord Siva. Lord Siva, verily shows, not only how a devotee should earn the love of Sri Krishna (through selfless work - accepting to drink the Halahala poison for welfare of the world without a second thought, constant prayer and meditation on the lotus feet of Sri Krishna, being the best of Gurus to explain the vedas and Dharma to innumerable devotees and continuing this eternal service forever and taking the most toughest job of universal annihilation under the mode of ignorance just because Sri Krishna wanted him to do that...all these simply show that Siva's greatness can't be explained in words..it can only be felt..
    And..Siva never has death..he is one without a beginning and end as He is the very soul of Sri Krishna.
    May the all auspicious Lord Shambhu, Sadashiva, Sarveswara keep me in the path of dharma, protect me from the influences of Adharma and the enemies - Kama, Krodha, Moha, Lobha, Madha, Ahankaram and the all powerful Mahamaya and help me progress in the path of Bhakthi (love), Karma (service) and Jnana (knowledge of Krishna as All-in-One and The One-in-All) and lead me to the lotus feet of Krishna when my soul departs this mortal body.
  • Hare Krishna Ashwani Prabhu,

    "Isvaro Param Krishna,
    Sachhidananda Vigraha,
    Anadir Dir Guyam,
    Sarva Karana Karanam"

    So We Vaishnavas should know that Krishna is 'Sarva karana Karanam', The reason for reasons, the cause for causes. So if there's pain and suffering in someone's life or is happiness, it's all becuase of Sarva Karan Karanam, Krishna. Moreover, Our Lord says " Just as Winter comes after summer and night comes after day, similarly joyful and stressful moments go on like a wheel"...This way, I hope soon Krishna will bring immense happiness in Mataji's Life, for he is Akincana Gocara.
    Prabhuji, May all blessings upon you!

    Keep Chanting,
    " Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare,
    Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare"

    Dandvat. Harer Nama Eva... :) 

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    Why will be I hurt; A Vaishnava is never hurt becoz,
    "Sona Sajjan Sadhu Jan, Tuti Jure So Bar,
    Durjan Kumb Kumhar ka, Ek Dhakke Darar"
    => Gold, Gentlemen and Devotees are broken and made hundreds of times; The ill-natured Pot of a potter breaks in one push.
    So, there's no question of my being angry or hurt. Although I am hurt because people instead of spreading Krishna Conciousness are discussing everywhere Shiva or Krishna-who's great. For me Both are great, Although Krishna is Supreme Personlity.

    Futhermore, Many Shaivas do not accept Krishna as Supreme because it is confirmed in Shiva Purana. They go very adamant due to their lack of knowledge. They miss the oppurtunity of worshipping the Bhakta Vatsala Krishna. But If they are real Shaivas they will be sactified and knowledgefied by Lord Sankara Himself.
    Moreover, The Wife must be a great devotee oF SPG. Maybe, Krishna wants to test her. But if her devotion is true, she will soon get Peace in all three ways.

    Thanks for sharing the Story Prabhu,
    Hare Krisha! :)
  • Hare Krishna Prabhu!

    All Obeisances to You. Now I'm fully Satisfied. You answered rightly. And BTW, who said u can't give lectures when you have a vast knowledge. I will argue no more, because you have so patiently and calmly(seems from ur writing) answered my questions. There is no need to Pardon; Only Krishna Pardons.
    All Glories to Ashwani Prabhu!
    All Hail to Prabhu!

    Harer Nama Eva....Eva Eva Eva!!! :) 

  • Hare Krishna Prabhu!

    Well, I don't know why did you gave me such a big lecture instead of answering my questions correctly? I think that you have got angry discussing such a topic.
    1. Repeatedly I said I have surrendered unto Jagannath Swami, why are you still saying about Bhava and Bhavani?
    2. Moreover, no Vaishnava is lowest. Of course, their devotion increases. VAISHNAVA IS NEVER LOW! Andd you said that you have fully surrendered? Krishna says one should be very sweet while talking (Bhag. C.10) but here I don't see any pinch of Sweetness..
    3. Behold, I have understood all the Guru Parampara theory. Thanx for the clarification.
    4. But you have to still answer my questions correctly regarding the story and everything asked in precious question. If you find time, please answer Pointwise.

    Your Servant, Ashwani Prabhu,
    Hare Krishna! :) 

  • Hare Krishna Ashwani Prabhu! Hare Krishna!

    I am really, really glad. Really, I mean, I found that person who has really surrendered to Supreme Personality.
    I pay my humble Obeisances unto you. You are great devotee.
    Thanx for your suggestions. As I said " Jagannath Swami Nayana Path Gami Bhava Tume" . Do you think I don't know Sankaracharya hinself worshipped Lord Jagannath and disappeared as Caitanya Mahaprabhu? That's why I am really submitted to Krishna. Harer Nama Eva...
    Thanx for your pdf. file and for Information in Padma Purana. I am really really happy and Joyfull. And please remember all time, I am servant of Vishnu.
    But you know I always want to end all such issues regarding Comparisons between Shiva and Krishna. This create lot of trouble in Society. I will give you an example of real life story happened in Kerela.
    In Kerela there is a temple and there were two deites, One Of Shiva and Other Of Vishnu. Now the Vaishnavas of South never respected Shiva, nor do Shaiva respected Vishnu. And they fought all the time regarding who is greater; Nonetheless Vishnu is. There are CCTV cameras in the temple. One day, the Brahmanas found that the deites have suddenly disappered. When they checked the recording, they found that no one has stolen them; they have themselves gone away. So, when there is fight and disrespect among people, Neither SPG nor Supreme Devotee will stay there.

    I am also very glad that you will allow any Shaivite to continue his Puja. Even a conversation with Srila Praphupada clarifies it. Refer to Bhagvatam Purport of Canto 4.1 Chapters 3 and four at http://www.bbt.info/browse/e-library. There's a story given where Shiva helps his Devotee to get the highest benediction- Hare Krishna Mahamantra. So even if one takes shelter of Lord Shiva, He will himself take the devotee to Lord Krishna the SPG.
    Moreover, Shiva never dies. It is said at the time of Annihilation, all the devotees will go to Goloka Vrindavan and there Krishna will protect them.
    But my one question still is left out. O Prabhu, If we can worship Praphupada ji, can't we worship Lord Shiva as that because he is greatest devotee? My problem is that. Please Clarify this; I bow to you.
    1. Yasya Prasadad Bhagvad Prasadah theory is  very relavant to this. Please clarify.
    2. Shiva's Prasadam is said to be Maha Prasadam even in Vaishnavism due to his devotion. They why can't we worship him as a devotee? What's the harm?
    Of course, I dont worship Shiva as Supreme Personality, but I do worship him as the foremost devotee. He is my ideal in devotion, certainly not in wearing ashes, bones, etc.

    Please prabhu clear that,
    Hare Krishna!! :) 

  • Dear Prabhu,
    Hare Krishna!

    I am very, very glad Ashwani Prabhu ji that you are an ardent devotee of the Supreme Person. May all blessings be upon you. If you permit me, let me give some clarifications.

    1. I have fully surrendered unto Lord Jaganntha Swami; He is my everything.
    2. Now you say how can you love two people? Well, that means you cannot love your mother and father at same time. Love is stimulous (According to Jayadeva Goswami: Rachna nue Srajna). When Sankara Visited Markendya Rsi, Markendaya ji said," May I have love for Sri Krishna and for you too". If such a great Rsi has no problem loving both, how can we have? Of course, We know Krishna is supreme, but their is no harm giving respect to Sankar because he is highest Devotee.
    3. I am very very glad you prefer Guru over Granth. But let me inform you, there have been impersonalists as Guru, rejecting Bhagvatam like Sankaracharya. So I think we must reject Bhagvatam. We must remember A guru or devotee is he who accepts ALL scriptures, because they are the same. Many real miraculous gurus rejected Vedas, even Lord Buddha...But that does not mean they are great. Those Gurus like Caitanya Mahprabhu to Sri Abhay Charan ji have accepted the Granths, that why they are best. So it's clear that Shastras are base of Gurus. You should Know Shashtras are referred as "Ma" Mother and Krishna (SPG) is referred as father (BG). Only Mata can say Putra about His Pita.
    4. Bhagvan means Lord, not God. If you refer Srimad Bhagvatam, the best of Puranas, you see in various passages as Bhagvanovach referring to Lord Shiva. But of course this does not means Shiva is greatest because- Isvaro Pramah Krishna Sacchidananda Vigrah (Brahma Samhita 5.1).
    5. Lord Shiva never dies. It has been confirmed in Shiva Purana, Linga Purana, Padma Purana, Garuda Purana, Sri Bhagwatidevi Purana and even in Srimad Bhagvatam (Cantos 1,5,12). He is not Brahma; Brahma dies and his post changes. But due to God's grace, Shiva is mortal as Krishna.
    6. It is said that except Lord Shiva, no one has conquered Lust. So one must not compare between him and Brahma, Prajapatis, Prechatas, Gandharvas, etc. Lord Krishna is extremely blessful and thus his wife is Shakti or Maya. Thus Lord Sankara is beyond maya as Lord Krishna.
    7. Loving Krishna is Good. But it does not imply that we cannot love devotees. Now we say, " Vaishnavam yatha Sambhu" that means Lord Sankara should be our ideal to reach Krishna. Loving Sankara doesn't means one has changed the Lordship of Shri Krishna. If we can worship Lord's Devotees like Srila Praphupada, then what is the harm of worshipping the Lord's favourite devotee?

    My dear Prabhu, please think regarding what I said. I am always a devotee of jagannath Swami, Nayana path Gami, but I find no fault in respecting Lord's greatest devotee, Sankar.
    Please Clear my questions and doubts. I am grateful to you and I'm impressed by your Bhakti.

    Hare Krishna Har Sambhu!! 

  • Dear Prabhu,
    If you look carefully, I really never said that they are not different, but in the same time the Srimad Bhagvatam says they are even not different. In the Padma Purana it is said...

     shivAya vishnu-rUpAya shiva-rUpAya vishnave;shivasya hRdayaM vishnur vishnos ta hRdayaM shivaHyathA shivamayo vishnur evaM vishnumayaH shivaH; yathAntaraM na pashyAmi tathA me svastir AyuSaH
    "Vishnu is the form of Shiva and Shiva is the form of Vishnu, Vishnu is Shiva's heart and Shiva is Vishnu's heart. Just as Vishnu is full of Shiva and Shiva is full of Vishnu, and I can thus see no difference between Them, let me similarly have a long life."

    So, isn't is very clear here itself?
    Acharyas say what the Scriptures tell. It's said in Bhag. whatever I said above. You will never understand their realtionship until and unless you complete the Bhagvatam.
    It' s my humble request to you, dear Prabhu, to plz read that. Then You'll get everything.

    Haribol!! :)

  • Dear Prabhuji, Hare Rama
    Excellent Question.

    If you read the Srimad Bhagvatam, you'll understand that only pure devotees understand the relationship of Krishna and Shiva. In the pure commentary, everything is clearly written.
    1) Lord Krishna is supreme and Lord Shiva is his expansion.
    2) Bhagirath : Krishna is Milk, and O Lord, you are curd.
    3) Markandaya : May I have devotion to Krishna and you!
    4) Lord Krishna sometimes takes the form of Lord Shiva to execute certain works.
    5) Lord Krishna refers that He likes Lord Shiva the best, even better than Brahma.
    6) Krishna is Bhagwan feature and Shiva is Brahma feature.
    7) {Purports} Impersonalists worship Lord Shiva as immense light called Brahmajyoti which comes from Goloka Vrindavana.

    But the Problem is we never understand the features of Lord. People are bewildered by his power. People say that Shiva is ordinary demigod and if we say Shiva is Krishna, Krishna is offended. May I ask them how?
    Lord Rshabha said: I am greater than Brahma, the greatest. But O Sons, my devotees are greater than me (Bhag. 5.3)
    If we say, "Vaishnavam yatha Sambhu" that means, Lord Krishna Himself considers Lord Shiva greater than Himself!!
    Devotees are given a chance to be greater than Krishna Himself. Krishna is bound by devotees, very much confirmed in so-called Padma Purana. Krishna bowed to Yashoda, but that doesn't means Yashoda is greater.
    Similarly, Sankar in his Brahma Feature instructed to Rama, " I am creator and destroyer " that means Lord Krishna has given all authority to Sankar to destroy and create Universe. But, Under him.

    In my belief, I worship Lord Krishna, yet I think of No difference between him and Shiva. It's my belief, you may eject it.

    All Obeseinces to Krishna, and great Lord Sambhu,
    Hare Krishna!! :)
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