shirdi SAI BABA's existence

hare krishna to one n all.

before starting i would bow to the lotus feet of the ALMIGHTY.

dear devotees,

i am a student  studying at jaipur. its just  7 weeks ago when i started going to the akshya patra organisation to attend the sessions of SOS.

i am learning a lot many good things from there.

before going there i was and still worshiping SHIRDI's SAI BABA. its through His blessings on us by which my family lives peacefully and in a life worth living.

i am not exaggerating Him. i am simply saying truth.


what i actually want to ask and discuss over here is:

1) is it good and correct enough to stop His preachings which i have been doing ? is it correct to forget what all He has done for my family, and  just go only for KRISHNA MAHA MANTRA CHANTING?

                     i am no one to say anything about the LORD KRISHNA. He is the Supreme of all.

But SHIRDI SAI BABA was HIS incarnation as being told to me by my elders.


Don't you people think i will get greedy and will actually betray Sai baba if i stop his prayers.


2) LORD SAI BABA never said that people should worship Him ..... it was by the miracles which He did in all over His life. He knew BHAGVATA GITA, VEDAS, QURAN, BIBLE at a very early age of His life. He spread the message of Humanity and celebrated all the festivles.

He lead a very simple life wearing only a kafni(a white jhoola). 

Isn't He the incarnation of the Supreme LORD KRISHNA HIMSELF.





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        • hare krishna amit kapoor ji,

          thanks for making a concern to this discussion.

          i respect krishna, i know what He is... He is the supreme.

           what Lord Sai Baba did was not simply miracles which could be performed by normal yogis even. its not magic either. He lived a very unmaterialistic life living in Dwarka Mai (a masjid) He asked foe "BIKSHA", which he never ate, rather gave to the poor & needy, hungry animals, etc. there were many people who cursed and planned many conspiracies against Him. He even blessed them.

          He did not started any new religion , rather brought closeness among the people of all the religions.

          we were not there in the times of Lord Krishna or Lord Ram (respective yugas), But Sai Baba Has appeared just a few 100 something years back. People who actually spent their time with Him did live till late 70s and early 80s.

          thus we get to know the actual scene what all Baba did directly from their experiences which they had with BABA Himself.  

          With the prior permission of Lord Sai Baba two great books were written.

          1) Shri Sai Saccharitra by Govind Rao Dabolkar (hemand pant) ; a biography of Baba

          2)shirdi  Diary by Ganesh ji Thakur

          both of these books have the true incidences written as they were. He not only cured people, but was at hundreds of places at one time while sitting  in Dwarka Mai. 

          He had spread the message of brotherhood. In His whole tenure , He regularly says, "SABKA MALIK EK",  that God Is One.

          He never said that people should say prayers and perform aarties for Him.

          the main reason why  people, consider Him to be the Supreme itself, because, He Himself gave the Holy Darshan to all the bhakts who came to Him.  Krishna bhakts  saw Krishna in Him. Shiv bhakts saw Shivji in Him, and this was with all the people who had true faith in any God.. He was the One in whom , people could find their Guru, their Vithalla, their Allah and all the Gods of respective religions and caste.

          Sai's grace is not confined to persons of any particular sect caste, religion or nation. Baba wants Nishta (Profound Faith) in Him and Saburi (Patience coupled with Courage) on the part of His devotees. These two qualities only make them eligible to earn His Grace and that Grace is the life force, the ever lasting force and the effulgent fire that brightens their lives. This is the only interpretation to God. Sai answers every devotee and gives solace to everyone who looks to Him. He is God, Bhagawaan and Allah and has proved it beyond doubt. It is beyond our intelligence and knowledge to test Sai's mighty powers and supremacy.


           i fully agree with you that, We should not be influenced by the magic spell of trickster and magicians. Some people do  perform certain tricks by their worship on evil forces and attain satanical powers. We cannot call them God or God's Incarnations. The readers may well note that the amazin miracles that Sri Sainath exhibited, are all for the sake of helping His children and devotees who are in distress. They are not done for the sake of living, fame, wealth or achieving any other material benefits. They are done without  selfishness. Baba never looked at the wonderful super natural powers, endowed  by the grace of His Guru, for nearly 40 years. 

          There are lot many things which prove that He is the Almighty. to praise Him more seems like taking a lamp in front of the sun . just like sun is there and needs no fact to prove its existence, similarly, is the case of Lord Sai baba. 

          i am talking of Shirdi's Sai Baba, and not sathya sai baba of the modern world.

          Sorry to say, but people just initially went to him to get material benefits, but later on they realized who HE was...

          also knowing all the prayers of the religion , brings Him to the category of Godhead only. Had He been a common man, it wouldn't have been possible even. 

          i love Krishna too. have started chanting as well. but  i can't stop His prayers..

          sorry if i had been a little exaggerated.


          hare krishna prabhu..


          • nice reserch sapan prabhu about sai bABA.


            HARE KRISHNA! 

          • Volunteer

            Please accept my respects Sapan Prabhu,

            I would focus on listening to Srila Prabhupada's lectures, Bagavad gita or Morning walks. Listening is a lot easier to do and listen to the cds Over and over and over and over again.

            We are really brain washed by the society and culture. We need to wash off all the negative and re-learn Dharma from a bonafide Acharya.

            I wish you much luck in practice of devotion to the Supreme Personality of Godhead and may you return back to Godhead. By the causeless mercy of a devotee, you have been brought to Krishna Consciousness. Please focus on the path and you will be infinitely rewarded.

            I would Follow the 4 reg principles, Nagar Sankirtana and 16 rounds of (attentive) japa.  Stay clear of the 10 offenses, like inattentive chanting, criticizing devotees, etc.


      • Jai Shri Krishna..


        It will not matter to you what anybody tells you as you are convinced by your beliefs.  One thing which I like is that you Love Krishna.  Please go on chanting the Maha Mantra and reading Srimad Bhagavatam which is at this link: and read the Bhagawad Gita at this link:  There is nothing like realizing for yourself what is wrong and what is right from the proper source. 


        Remember to get a proper Guru to help you understand the Gita and Bhagavatam.


        • jai shri KRISHNA

          thanks for making a concern to write for this discussion.

          i will surely keep chanting and will gradually increase it as well.

          also i would definitely go for the links provided to me ... thanks


          hare krishna..

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