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kindly bring a research paper exposing Shirdi Sai Baba .This is a very big conspiracy to disunite hindus . Shirdi sai baba is planted by foreign mafia .Further is your research -work .

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 yes, true....saibaba has become so old of  65 or 70 yrs and looks very ugly with wrinkles and all signs of old age. how can he be equal to supreme lord krishna who is eternally young and most beautiful. just a common sense. 

hare krishna,

cant believe it ...these harsh words are written for sai baba...he was not god..we all know...but he is true yogi...he served the humanity like ...we can not even think...krishna is all doubt about it..but we belive in something it does not mean all world and all great people saint is every sentece we say "all glories to prabhupad" and he was not god..still we do..

sai baba was a person who teach us to serve humnity,become yogi,serve poor without any expectaion.

at last we should not compare...

hare krishna

saibaba was just a good person. thats all. no need to extend it too far to artificially call him a god equal to vishnu or krishna. its just foolishness. every good person is not god.just some miracles cant make a yogi , a god. 

there are 2 sai babas one is the phuttaparthi (i dont know exact pronunciation) and the other is shirdi. this phuttaparthi one is controversial one

Hare Krishna..
I never expected such types of answers from a true devotee..
I think you all are given reference of Vedas..
Refer Yajurveda 34.53 (He is unborn and maintaining One single identity always) and Yajurveda 40.8 (He is always uniform, without body, without nerves, without gaps and unchangeable)..


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