• Just acceptance or not acceptance doesnt decide who the real god is. Real god must be approved in scriptures.

  • yes i know .. in vedas it is mentioned about chaitanya mahaprabhu..but its depends on one's mind acceptance i see some peoples doesn't accept him as a problem but by your response one can say - one can worship a saint by assuming god in the form of that god is in the heart of all least that peoples worshipping him as a form of god..but i dont like that donators donate much high priced gold goods to this type of famous temples..and not donating to peoples who resides outside of temple..but its also dependa on probles this is ghor kaliyuga..
    hare krishna !!
    • Just peoples accepting or not accepting doesnt determine the status of god. Vedic proof must be there. 

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      "but by your response one can say - one can worship a saint by assuming god in the form of that god is in the heart of all least that peoples worshipping him as a form of god.."

      No. I absolutely do not agree to worship a saint, by assuming God in the form of that saint. 

      This is totally not acceptable.

      God is in the heart of all people. You dont go to a vesha ghar(brothel) and pick one lecherous man and start worshiping him, because there is God in his heart. This kind of thinking is mayavadi thinking. Stop reading mayavadi litrature and association of mayavadis. This is dangerous.

      • Absolutely true...its completely mayavadic and atheistic philosophy. We dont worship a terrorist or prostitute or evil wicked person , who also has the same god in this heart. So much worst mayavadic philosophy and its followers. Just nonsense. 

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    We are followers of Vedas. That is the definition of follower of Santana Dharma/Hinduism.
    Shirdi Sai Baba is not even mentioned in the Vedas as anyone important. He is not even a Deva/Demi God. Much less Supreme Lord.

    Shirdi Sai Baba perhaps has some powers of sidha.
    It is fault of the believers. They see a little bit chamatkar/magic, and think that person is God. Then they follow that baba, or this baba in hopes that they will have a nice material life. Scriptures state, that only by Karma, one gets, what he/she does in this life. Tulasi Das said, Karma Pradhan. No baba can change that. Some babas take advantage of people, by making them their follower, instead of pointing them towards Krishna.
    At the end of the day, everyone is attracted to their own kind. A genuine seeker is going seek a true Guru, like Prabhupada and insincere seeker is going to seek an insincere guru. Just because a guru has 10,000 followers doesnt make them a real Devotee of Krishna.

    I found most Saibaba followers, seeking material and not love of Godhead.
    Nobody ever planted Saibaba. Just that his disciples started building Hindu temples and with him as one of the devta.
    Hindus are worshiping Raju and Ketu demons, (that constantly trouble Surya and Chandra), for what ever their personal gains. Worshiping Sai Baba is not so bad.
    If their is any division in Hinduism, it was started by Krishna. ISKCON, Prabhupada followers often get criticized for not worshiping Devatas/Demi Gods.
    Krishna is saying, worship me and think of Me all the time.
    Hindus don't listen. They go worship devas for material benefits.
    and now... some worship babas. Even dead babas.
    Bahai religion, I heard was planted by British. Sai Baba is not. He is created indigenously out of our cerebral indigence. This is normal as Kali yuga progresses. It will only get worse.

    • also there is no mention of shri vitthal in vedas but he is god..this is accepts chaitanya mahaprabhu as god and one not..its depend on his mind acceptance..साईं बाबा ने जलसे दिए जलाये,दुसरे का रोग स्वयं पर ले लिया  sai sattcharitra for more..god has taken many forms but every form is not mentioned in scriptures..i know saints like bhrugu etc can do the same tasks but sai baba is worshipped by many many devotees from many years ..from 1918+or-..i heard that one temples was built for krishna but saibaba sits in that temple..also i heard that he is avatara of lord dattatrey who is amsa avatara of krishna but there are also a mention that dattatrey is avatara of trideva(brahma and shiva's)also..and lord dattatrey takes avatar in the form of saibaba thats why one cannot simply understand that he is avatara of vishnu or shiva because he posseses some qualities of tridev i.e lord dattatrey..

      maybe some part of my response is wrong but atul kamboj prabhu this type of question will not help you much in kc i.e please ask questions which will help you in any way for kc.

      sorry for any offences.

      hare krishna !!

      • There is unnecessarily so much hype created about shiridi sai baba. He may have meditated a lot and may have got some siddhi shaktis or real miraculous powers like curing diseases or lighting lamp with water. But how can such powers make one god? So many ancient rishis and munis and even at present also in himalayas can do many more miracles than shiridi sai baba. But they are all  not gods. Some people have taken advantage of his muslim religion who also believes in hinduism and so just created a hype and popularised him to become a chamatkari baba and run the entire show of commersialisation by taking advantage of general public's weakness of taking shelter of chamatkari babas. Its all so cheap and third class to surrender a baba for materialisitic desires. Nothing about pure devotion for supreme lord vishnu. To further justify their foolish worship of chamatkari baba, they create some concepts that he is none other than lord vishnu. Its all pure nonsense and nuisance and nothing else. Wasting the valuable time and diverting away from genuine god. 

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        Manohar Prabhu, your argument doesnt hold water.

        Vittal means Vishnu.

        Caitaya Mahaprabhu is Krishna Himself. Praman, reference from Vedas is clearly stated in second chapter of Caitanya Caritamrita.

        Jesus walked on water. Saint Francis took other's diseases upon himself and as a result became blind himself. Still, they are not God. Not even Demigod/Devata.

        Dattatreya is one of the 24 Avatar of Krishna. Sai Baba is not one of them. Always remember: Data Ek Ram. Bhikari sari duniya. Sai Baba is not Ram. Therefore he is bhikari. Not Data.

        It is just disturbing that Hindus are putting up statues of humans in the temples.

        Humans or Devas have potency, however little, only when they are alive. Sai Baba is dead. He does not have any powers, unless he takes birth. Fools should stop worshiping him even for material benefits or if they want to give him their diseases. He no longer can accept their diseases, although some of his stupid devotees, want to give it to him. 

        It is unlikely he is going to get a human body right away. It may be 10,000 lifetimes, or more before he can take human birth. He has to go through cat and dog and other 8,400,000 lifeforms before he can get a human birth. Sudurlabam. Human birth is very, very rare.

        We must not waste our time in worshiping dead people. This human life should be used to surrender to the supreme personality of Godhead and in congregational chanting, whereby, learning to love Him. 

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