• Well, its you who said Krishna is omnipresent. That means he must be present in everybody and everything, right?, including kamsa ravana etc, everybody. But yet you are talking against your own statement. Seems you are confused. And if He is not omnipresent, then how can you term him as supreme? Which one is true? Prabhujiiii?
    • MY Krishna is omnipresent !!!!
      He is in the mountains , in the rivers , in the flora and fauna of mountains , plains , forests and in the ocean also !!!!
      He is in the books , in the market place !!!
      He has built this Srishti (existence ) for me !!!
      This very material world is the dance or in harmony and in rhythm with Krishna !!!!
      My krishna is not strictly and solely associated with or restricted to temples , so called religious texts , ISKCON ; he is everywhere !!!!
      There existed only 2 person in the history of mankind whose religion was the religion of joy , dance and celebration . One of them is Krishna !!!! and the other one is Zarathustra .

      • Krishna is omnipresent. Which means he is present in Sai baba too, is what you want to convey, right? :)

        Good :)

        • krishna is present also in the heart of sai baba, just like he is present in the heart of you, me , ant, mosquito, etc. But that doesnt mean saibaba  or you or me or ant or mosquito is equal to krishna...:)...just simple commonsense

        • Ha -Ha -Ha !!!!!

          Nice ,if this is the case then can we say  Krishna is present in Kamsa , Ravana ,    or in evil spirits also ??????

          Bhai-saheb !!!!! this forum is for meaningful  and sincere discussion but any Ha-Ha Ha !!!

          Sai baba(Chand Miya !!!!)  may be a person good! or bad! but to worship him not knowing the meaning of word "sai" , to connect it to Ram , not knowing the secrets behind the word "ram'  is not acting religiously . If sai's idol is worshiped in hindu temples then why not Nanak , Mahavir swami (Jains) etc. etc. got berth in hindu temples .The problem is  ,  hindus  also are not  aware of the intricacies of idol worship .There is no dearth of devi , devtas in hindu religion , despite this fact hindus are still searching and worshiping newer and sophisticated  version of god and god-man  ; this very fact and other points raised above are objectionable . If you want to worship Sai Baba so plz. be restricted in Shirdi only .

          • Very true, unfortunately. all these babas are thriving and some people making a good  money out of these baba propaganda , due to sheer ignorance and blind beliefs of so many lakhs of indians, unfortunately, who are fully deviated from the bonafide gods and bonafide scriptures. 

    • +1..very nice and correct response !! we should talk about topics related to krishna only other subjects/topics cannot help us in kc..

      • We should also be very careful not to be misguided by mayavada philosophy which will slowly kill our krishna consciousness.

  • Both  of you  Shravan Prabhu ji , Manohar Krishna Patil Prabhu ji , are near to the point but not to the point . Try to think beyond ISKCON  and K.C in replying this question . In the movie (i think,) Amar Akbar Anthony ; the song nowhere mentioned  Sai -ram . Now, everyone not in Mumbai  only but in Delhi (i am sure about  Delhi )also refer to him as Sai-Ram . This is a very serious matter , do your  extensive research work . Your research must be in all probable areas and sectors  including history , financial mafia , geo politics , middle east .....and conspiracy against hindus ....the list goes on ..........!!!!!!!zzzz........

  • no problem forget my first comment(form of god...) and read second one that's why you thinking that. its all depends on one's mind acceptance. also this topic is not much related to kc. so there is no much need to further talk on this topic.
    sorry for offences.
    Hari bol !
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