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kindly bring a research paper exposing Shirdi Sai Baba .This is a very big conspiracy to disunite hindus . Shirdi sai baba is planted by foreign mafia .Further is your research -work .

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+1..very nice and correct response !! we should talk about topics related to krishna only other subjects/topics cannot help us in kc..

We should also be very careful not to be misguided by mayavada philosophy which will slowly kill our krishna consciousness.

MY Krishna is omnipresent !!!!
He is in the mountains , in the rivers , in the flora and fauna of mountains , plains , forests and in the ocean also !!!!
He is in the books , in the market place !!!
He has built this Srishti (existence ) for me !!!
This very material world is the dance or in harmony and in rhythm with Krishna !!!!
My krishna is not strictly and solely associated with or restricted to temples , so called religious texts , ISKCON ; he is everywhere !!!!
There existed only 2 person in the history of mankind whose religion was the religion of joy , dance and celebration . One of them is Krishna !!!! and the other one is Zarathustra .

Krishna is omnipresent. Which means he is present in Sai baba too, is what you want to convey, right? :)

Good :)

Ha -Ha -Ha !!!!!

Nice ,if this is the case then can we say  Krishna is present in Kamsa , Ravana ,    or in evil spirits also ??????

Bhai-saheb !!!!! this forum is for meaningful  and sincere discussion but any Ha-Ha Ha !!!

Sai baba(Chand Miya !!!!)  may be a person good! or bad! but to worship him not knowing the meaning of word "sai" , to connect it to Ram , not knowing the secrets behind the word "ram'  is not acting religiously . If sai's idol is worshiped in hindu temples then why not Nanak , Mahavir swami (Jains) etc. etc. got berth in hindu temples .The problem is  ,  hindus  also are not  aware of the intricacies of idol worship .There is no dearth of devi , devtas in hindu religion , despite this fact hindus are still searching and worshiping newer and sophisticated  version of god and god-man  ; this very fact and other points raised above are objectionable . If you want to worship Sai Baba so plz. be restricted in Shirdi only .

Very true, unfortunately. all these babas are thriving and some people making a good  money out of these baba propaganda , due to sheer ignorance and blind beliefs of so many lakhs of indians, unfortunately, who are fully deviated from the bonafide gods and bonafide scriptures. 

krishna is present also in the heart of sai baba, just like he is present in the heart of you, me , ant, mosquito, etc. But that doesnt mean saibaba  or you or me or ant or mosquito is equal to krishna...:)...just simple commonsense

Well, its you who said Krishna is omnipresent. That means he must be present in everybody and everything, right?, including kamsa ravana etc, everybody. But yet you are talking against your own statement. Seems you are confused. And if He is not omnipresent, then how can you term him as supreme? Which one is true? Prabhujiiii?

Hare Krsna,
My obeisances to all devotees, guru and gauranga.

Atul prabhu, I have to agree to Subash prabhu that your responses are a bit confusing. Maybe if you can clearly write down what is actually bothering you or your concerns are about division of hindus, then matajis and prabhu can respond accodingly. The current thread is a punch-punch responses which is leading no one anywhere. Dont you think?

If discussing about Sai Baba will assist you in your spiritual journey towards krsna, then help us in understanding your point of starting this thread prabhu.

Waiting for your response.

Srila prabhupada ki jai..

Hare krsna

Hare Krishna Prabhuji,

Dandavats to all. 

if you want to say someone as avatar or Bhagavan.He must be quoted in sastras. His.His appearance must be mentioned in sastras.There is yard stick to say some one Bhagavan,he must possess 6 qualities in full.

 Parāśara Muni(Father of Vyasa Bhagavan who complied Vedas into written form): one who is full in six opulences, who has full strength, full fame, wealth, knowledge, beauty and renunciation, is paramam, or the Supreme Personality of Godhead. While Kṛṣṇa was present on this earth, He displayed all six opulences. Therefore great sages like Parāśara Muni have all accepted Kṛṣṇa as the Supreme Personality of Godhead. 

So,if someone claims that he is GOD,he must exhibit all this qualities.Other wise he is Bogus.

When it comes to sai baba,There is no need to much bother about this.I have seen many devotees who were worshipping him before they come across ISKCON books.once they realized the truth with perfect philosophical understanding they stopped worshiping sai baba.No need to fight so much on this issue.Let compare sai baba with all those 6 oppulence yard stick,

Full strength - He did not exhibited this. (krishna lifted govardhan for 7 days and night with his little finger)

Full Fame -Sai baba may be famous in some parts of india or world. (Whole world is reading bagavat gita and still many not able to understand that great philosophical discussion.)

Wealth - No doubt that sai baba didn't exhibited this at all. ( Krishna's dwaraka have 16000 palaces with jewels bedecked walls and gold coated doors)

Knowledge - Sai baba spoke same vedic knowledge in different terms without revealing any proper conclusion to his followers. ( Vedas are given to lord brahma by krishna.All the vedas describe krishna as supreme)

Beauty - This is most interesting aspect, obviously sai baba is not so beautiful.We can only see his old picture.(But krishna is so beautiful that even big big muni and rushi's got attracted to his beauty.We can never see krishna getting old.He was always young)

Renunciation : i dont know what sai baba left ,i dont know about his past life before becoming baba.if somebody having everything and still not attached this is called renunciation. (Krishna even though he is the creator of whole universe he never attached to this world.also,he left the ruling kingdom to ugrasena even though he is can rule).

Also,every avatar comes with perticuler task to finish.for example,buddha came to stop ahimsa. So,sai baba,what is his task.nothing.As far as know he is just a mystic who got some mystic powers by doing astanga and  not realized the absolute truth.

If someone really too attached to sai baba then he will go to the planet where sai baba is living in his next birth.That's all.

We hare krishna devotees generally dont bother about any other sects,we are satisfied just performing devotional service to our beloved krishna.But for the sake of others who are sentmental and blindly following some belief,we try to give some knowledge.It is their choice whether to accept or not.If they accept we will be very happy to see one more soul escaping from cycle of birth and death.

Speaking in srila prabhupada service.

All glories to srila prabhupada

Hare krishna.

A befitting reply !!!!

 In this reply he has not criticized me and not spoken any thing bad for sai-baba also !!!

 A balanced reply !!!!

 Discussion is over from my side !!!

Hare krishna !!!

susakha shymasundradas  prabhu ji has resolved the query  once and for all all !!!!!

I have got my reply !!

 There is no need for further arguments !!!!!

Hari Bol !!!!!


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