Shaving head

Hare Krishna prabhuji , matajiDandvat pranamWe are listening from parents and grand parents we should not shave our head , not cut nails on saturday . Does it have any reference in our shastra ? Why should we not shave ?

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  • By Vaishnava tradition, shaving the head and nails should be done on Friday.

    1. Sunday – Planet Sun.
    2. Monday – Planet Moon. .
    3. Tuesday – Planet Mars.
    4. Wednesday –  Planet Mercury.
    5. Thursday – Planet Jupiter.
    6. Friday – Planet Venus.
    7. Saturn – Planet Saturn.

    We can see here that the ruling planet of Saturday is Saturn or Shani, which is considered malefic in Jyoti Shastras .

    Because Shani is  traditionally considered to have an unfavourable influence, one should avoid inauspicious activities  such as cutting nails and hair on that day.

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