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Greetings devotees, please accept my humble obeisances.I have a question about sharing stories of personal experiences dealing with bhakti yoga and Krishna. On the one hand I have heard that if you experience something spiritual, that means it was meant for you, and not for anyone else. Thus it shouldn't be shared openly since it is confidential and personal. On the other hand, if no one ever shared their personal experiences, we would have very few stories about it; Caitanya would have kept everything he experienced to himself rather than propagating Krishna consciousness. So surely we should tell people about the glories of Krishna, but...In your view, what should we keep to ourselves in terms of spiritual growth, and what should we divulge to others? This is a general question; I expect a lot of different answers, and I do not expect the perfect answer to my question. Both opinions and scriptural references are welcome.What I want to know is, do you think it damages the sanctity of one's relationship with Krishna to openly discuss it?I am confused. Surely there are some things that should be kept secret and some things that people would benefit from learning about, but as to what the difference is, I can only guess.So I am afraid to tell anyone anything.If you have any thoughts/ experience/ knowledge on this matter, please do share, if you are comfortable sharing.Thank you friends,Jai Sri Krishna!

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  • Walter,

    Thanks for your posts. I agree with you that what is important is not ego gratification, but Krishna. My question was more about sharing intimate details of Krishna consciousness. For example, it would seem to be off-putting to tell a non-devotee about the most intimate details of the gopi rasa, the mood of romantic devotional love to Krishna. People who don't even believe in God would hardly appreciate them.

    But Walter, please explain your second post. From the research I have gathered, the Hare Krishna maha mantra has been chanted since around the 15th century when Caitanya introduced us to it. ISKCON was developed only half a century ago. So people have been chanting long before ISKCON was founded. And since Krishna consciousness and sankirtana are sanatana dharma, the holy names will continue to be chanted forever.
    • Please accept my humble obeisances. I am speaking as best I know, but I could be very wrong. Please correct me if I am.
  • Further Mr. Jake I heard your advise that (KC) /hair Nahmah Sankirtona has been practiced before ISKCON/Chardonnay, & will be practiced after ISKCON. Wrong & Wrong.However, we will be hear for 10,000 years which should give even the most egotistical pridefield
    Speculators plenty of Lifetimes to
    Express every designer & speculation peacefully to rest.-)?
  • I preach about the glory of the Haray Namah, as a rule!
    As far as "telling my Story" or shearing personal revelations?
    I don't talk (pajoppa) /random nonspecific spiritual experiences.
    Is not wholly nonsense by not vary worthy eather. This is called
    "The Haray Namah Sankiertona Movement " for a reason. Because
    that is what is really important. & Not personal ego gratification. Or intalectuel plumage displays. As Krishna is, actually the soul source of all our abilities and energies what is the point? Jake just stick to the point "wake up sleeping Souls" who have been asleep on the lap of My a for much to long.
    This is the service Krishna/(HDG) is requesting nothing more. I.e.
    re-establishing the broken relationship with God, which is, the condition of all physically bound spirit. Reistablishing that relationship is the true soul purposes of ISKCON . Returning home in a Single Lifetime, is a
    "bit of a carrot " JivJaggo Jivjaggo
    "WakeUp sleeping Souls"
    Not entertain others, & or to affirm through your friendship with others, your feelings for or understanding of Krishna. Awakening sleeping
    /distracted/conditioned-souls to the significance & processes & importance of chanting the Names of the HeadGods. This is (KC) Bhaktee. Your other processes & experiences are for the most part Moot.-(. . &U already new!
    Thank you for your association everyone.
  • hare krsna ...prabhu ji
    prabhu ji its a very logical question yet i found this question little weird....
    have you ever read bhaktmal...?
    bhaktmal compile incredible and unbelievable true stories of krsna devotees..
    i live in a pink city....home of govind dev ji...this is also a true story temple govind dev ji one saint was doing bhaktmal one ends he stopped katha and tell all shri krsna devotees to come tomorrow...when all the devotee came at the 2nd day of katha...that priest asked devotees to examine where did he left the katha on day one....nobody remembered.... priest turned agitated and said its waste to do katha here coz nobody is listened it carefully and he said if nobody reminds where did he left katha on day one...thn he wont do bhaktmal katha anymore at govind dev ji...thn its said that govind dev ji idiol talked to the temple priest and told that maharaj ji ended the day one on meerabai guru ji life...go nd stop that priest....i love to hear the stories of my devotees...nd that temple priest went and said this is where you stopped the katha on day one....
    shri krsna loved it if his devotees share the experiences....nd it give joy to shri govind dev ji bagvan..
  • Volunteer

    Hare krsna,
    All glories to guru and gauranga,

    Jake prabhu, the realizations can be categorised as 2 types: 1 is a general realization where the emotions or ecstasy can be experienced by most. the second however is specific to a devotee.

    Having said that, the joy one gets from the realizations is really really hard to contain within oneself. Its hard to hold it with us, as a finite being like us cannot/dont know to handle such joyful moments. That is the spiritual happiness which only Krsna can give. Realizations (especially the general ones) should be shared so others get inspired by it. Realizations from others should act as a motivation to improve our own sadhana. There are people who might take your post or share in the wrong way, just ignore them.

    Now coming to classifying the realization: I dont think there is any set guide to classify the realization but one will understand if the realization was very specific to the devotee. The general ecstasy symptoms can also be called a realization and one can share this with others to inspire them.

    My opinion (with very limited understanding) is: you can share the general realizations with anyone and everyone but the specific ones can still be discussed or revealed to your closet friends, family or devotees.

    I would (and have) share specific realizations with devotees on this forum. But the choice is yours if you want to keep it to yourself.

    Hope that helps Jake prabhu.

    Chant and be happy.
    Srila Prabhupada ki jai!!!
    Hare krsna.

  • Hare Krishna prabhuji,

    My answer is just follow the footsteps of mahajans and acharya.

    What ever srila prabhupada did can  be observed and follow in his footsteps.

    A devotee is allowed to share his realizations from a sastric view.Just like prabhupada mentioned in his bagavat gita commentary when explaining about higher taste,he tells a pasttime of Yamunachrya who is the guru of Sri Ramanujacharya.

    Yāmunācārya, a great saint and devotee, who says:
    yad-avadhi mama cetaḥ kṛṣṇa-pādāravinde
    nava-nava-rasa-dhāmany udyataṁ rantum āsīt
    tad-avadhi bata nārī-saṅgame smaryamāne
    bhavati mukha-vikāraḥ suṣṭhu niṣṭhīvanaṁ ca
    "Since my mind has been engaged in the service of the lotus feet of Lord Kṛṣṇa, and I have been enjoying an ever new transcendental humor, whenever I think of sex life with a woman, my face at once turns from it, and I spit at the thought."
    Kṛṣṇa consciousness is such a transcendentally nice thing that automatically material enjoyment becomes distasteful. It is as if a hungry man had satisfied his hunger by a sufficient quantity of nutritious eatables. Mahārāja Ambarīṣa also conquered a great yogī, Durvāsā Muni, simply because his mind was engaged in Kṛṣṇa consciousness (sa vai manaḥ kṛṣṇa-padāravindayor vacāṁsi vaikuṇṭha-guṇānuvarṇane).

    But we cant behave like sahajiyas.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Thanks prabhuji

      What do you mean "sastric?" Where is it said that a devotee is allowed to share his realizations from a sastric view?
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