• Hare Krsna!

    Went for book distribution today. I cannot go on weekends due to personal reasons, so opted for Friday. Went with Nikhil Prabhu with Krsna and Gita books. In an hour 30 minutes, distributed 10 books.

    People were reluctant, so I will open up the book, read a verse from Gita and explain them what it means (chapter 2 mostly) and offer them to take it. If they tell they have less than $10, I would offer them to pay the difference, if they promise to read it daily. Surprisingly, all of them paid $10 on hearing it. One school girl was only who could not pay $10, so Nikhil Prabhu paid the difference. Some people wanted in their own mother tongue, we had only English version, so could not serve them.

    Some people were rude, but that gave me insight on the society we live in. Luckily, we are not ignorant as they are, that is what I felt. I never thought average person (and they were born Hindus as they appeared), can be so ignorant not to have a minute to listen a verse from Gita. Secondly, book distribution puts your ego down, when you know you are offering book and some people will treat you bad. It helps to control emotion and move to next person. Good learning for me. End of it, Nikhil Prabhu spread good words about me. :-) And I was thinking - pathetic, if these people  do not know how much effort they made to get human birth and no respect for HIM.

    Shared my experience in BV after coming back and everyone was appreciative that within few weeks I joined book distribution. Appreciation enhanced my will to do it next month. If all goes well, it will be a larger number. If not, will try to meet this number at least.

    P.S. On good words and from BV devotees, I got two invites already to join tomorrow or next month with them. Due to personal commitment, I will not be able to join tomorrow, so looking for new devotee company to bring number up and serve better next month.

    Hari Bol!

    • thank you  so much for sharing your exciting experience. May LORD KRISHNA shower His mercy upon you so that  you do much better next year..


  • today i went to a bank with one of my friend to distribute some books to the employees there..i thought i should take permission from the manager and so waited outside the manager's chamber as i saw her talking to 2 people. One of them left, but another young lady (dressed modernly in jeans) was still there and so i continued to wait. My friend pressed me to go as we had already waited for long. i went inside the chamber and showed the BG to the manager(without even looking at the young lady who was facing the manager )and asked her if she would like to take as we are giving it under discount this month. She told she already had a copy and didnt want one.i showed her Krishna n other books, but she didnt want any that time suddenly this young lady asked the price of BG n told she wants one n purchased it for my surprise.. i was waiting for her to leave the chamber so that i can talk to the manager.. but who knows on which book whose name is written...???? JAI SRILA PRABHUPAD, JAI SRI GURUDEV, ALL GLORIES TO BOOK MARATHON. DONT MISS AN OPPORTUNITY TO APPROACH ANY PERSON!!!

    • Jai Shrila Prabhupad...thnx 4 sharin such a nyc story..:)

      Hare Krishna...Jai Shri Radhey

    • Jai Srila Prabhupada, Thank you for sharing such a great story.

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