• Hare Krishna,

    To make people realize that Dharma, artha, Kama and moksha are not enough there is another aspect which has to be cultivated and learnt that is bhakti and prema. to lay the background for this Shankarachaya came to spread Advaitism which deals with vedas and vedas only teach dharma, artha kama and moksha,

    See, one cannot teach  Bhakti and prema to a 1st. grader. There is step by step improvement in learing.

    Prema is Phd subject to come to Prema stage one has to first study basics.

    When Shankaracharya ji came at that time people were condemning vedas... because. Gautama Buddha taught them ahimsa .. Vedas has some animal sacrifices to please demigods

    So Gautam buddha stopped this and condemned the vedas. but Vedas are having many good things also told. So for Punaroddharna of vedas to bring them back someone has to be sent.

    Lord Sri Hari sends Shiva ji to go and spread Advaitism and uplift the fallen vedas.

    But then......vedas only preach Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha and no mention of Bhakti.

    So next came Sri Ramanujacharya who is none other than Seshanag he came to spread Bhakti.. next step ahead

    Next came Sri Chaitanaya who is none other than Sri Krishna Himself to spread Prema bhakti.

    This is a step by step introduction of things into the mankind's minds slowly people were taught by all these teachers in a step by step manner.

    No one is wrong in this. All are a process of knowing the ultimate truth and coming to Prema level is a phd level. You need to pass basics.

    people should lead a life as per Vedas following Dharma, Artha, kama and Moksha.. But Moksha ( liberation from the bondages of the material world) is not the ultimate thing.

    The soul craves for serving Sri Krishna in His abode. For that the soul develops attachment to Krishna leaving the Material bondages.

    1. One should get detattached to the mateiral world ( as per Vedas)--MOKSHA, and as per Sri Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu once you get deattached to the Mateirral bondages 2. one should get attached to the Supreme Lord  Sri Krishna.

    The second step is explained in later years by Sri Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu.

    This is how slowly the humanity was given knowledge of how to leave the mateiral world and how to attach to the Supereme Lord to attain what is called as VIMUKTI

    VimuKti as per Chaitanaya Charitamrita is totally losing all types of bondages and completely finding happiness in serving Lord and Lord alone.

    One must not stop at Moksha level .. one must slowly strive to become Lord's servant.

    TO summerize--

    Buddha condemned Vedas

    Sri Adi Shankaracharya ji uplift vedas

    Sri Ramanujacharya ji introduced bhakti

    Sri Chaitanaya Mahaprabhu ji introduces us to Prema bhakti.

    this all is going as per Lord Sri Krishna's plan. We cannot understand this all. Why Shankaracharya spread Advaita Mayavadi ... is to lay foundation for next preachers and world teachers to come and improvize the teachings of Sri Shankaracharyaa.

    Hare Krishna

  • Hare krishna

    Yes shiv ji is param vaishnav. Shankaracharya preached mayavad by the order of Krishna only. This was done to keep miscreants and non devotees who was creating disturbance away.

    I also heard in one katha that shiv ji created a foundation by preaching mayavad.  The nastiks who earlier didnt believed in god and scriptures were taught mayavad and brought to the point where they atleast started believing that god is there but formless. And after that vaishnav start there work. 

    We also see in Mahaprabhu pastimes that lot of mayavadis became vaishnavs and rejected mayavad theory after talking to Mahaprabhu. Today also in iskcon we hear stories of many devotees who first believed in nirakar but later became vaishnavs. 

    Basically krishna makes long term plans which we cant understand with our tiny brains. 

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