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All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga

Normally we will not offer grain bhoga to Gauranitai deities on Ekadasi day. On Gaurapurnima day  with the lords mercy  we are planning to offer chappan bhog to the  sri sri gauranitai.

Usually on Gaura purnima day devotees nirjas fast and break with ekadasi prasad at night.

My question is   

Shall we offer Bhoga made out of grain to Sri Sri Gaura nitai on Gaura Purnima  day?

Please guide me

your humble servant

rameswar kanai das

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  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna prabhuji


    It depends on your temple which you are associated with. Some temples use grains and some do not. I know pune temple do not use grains for Gaur Purinima however, last year here in Bangalore, the authorities decided to disterbute grain prasadam after they had consultation with devotees from other temples and HH JPS Maharaj. This was a question asked by a devotee in Coimbatore temple to HH JPSM and Maharaj said either one is ok. One of the SP disciple (forgot his name) was sharing with another devotee here in bangalore that SP never told to eat non grain prasadam on Gaur purnima. All he had told was for Janmashtami only so we have to be very strict on that day.

    Regarding offering grains to Gaur Nitai on Ekadashi day, that has to be avoided. I read (i believe in IDT itself in the ekadashi section somewhere) that SP says not to offer grain prasadam for ones Guru, and aacharyas and Gaur-Nitai also. But one can offer grains to Krishna and the Mahaprasadam can either be distributed to people who do not follow ekadashi strictly or can be stored for next day.

    Hari bol!!!

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna prji,

      Please forgive me for incorrect information. I got confused with Narasinga chaturdashi and Gaura Purnima and said that we had grain prasadam on Gaur purnima. But it was Narashima chaturdashi.

      Back to your question, you can certainly offer non grain bhoga for Gaur Nitai on Gaur purnima but we can not eat it the same day just like we do on Janmashtami.

      Once again my apologies for giving incorrect information.

      hari bol!!!

      • hare krishna

        dandavat pranams

        in your last posting,  I hope you meant to say we can offer Grain Bhoga.

        thank you very much for guiding us



    • hare krisshna

      dandavat pranams

      where in this link, i can find my answers



  • Hare Krishna

    Dandavat Pranams

    Please some one answer who know about  this ... because we have to ask devotees to prepare bhoga according to your answers


    your servant

    rameswar kanai das

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