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  • hare Krishna ,,,
    we are not allowed to chew Tulsi leaves....
    We Pray her adn she is dear to Lord Krishna....
    SoSpiritually we shud not and also not allowed to chew tulsi leaves. Rather we shud swallow it with the help of water .
    We also shud take care of that it doesnt comes in between of our teeth..

    Also there is some scientific reason behind it.......
    If One chew tulsi leaves ,one get suffer from Pyria which is one of dental problem......

    Plz forgive me if i m wrong.
    • Then pujaris and others should be careful not to put mature manjaris and twigs into prasadam and caranmrita. I choked and nearly vomited trying to swallow one whole, so now I chew when necessary. I think it's less offensive than vomiting.

      Why is chewing Tulasi offensive? We chew prasadam.

  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    I am also confused on this regard but I do have a theory..  I hope that a senior devotee will help.


    My theory.. Tulasi leaves are holy and is "SAKSHAD Vrinda Devi",  we offer her to Lord Krishna because she's only for his enjoyment then we have the leaves as prasadam.  Most devotee do not chew the leaves in respect for Vrinda Devi.  Now even though you don't chew, the leaves still go through the digestive system.  Here it broken down via many digestive processes and finally whats not used is discarded.  Hence, I don't see the difference in chewing or not.  It's just your personal feeling.



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      You have a good point Manoj Prabhu, I am waiting to hear from senior devotees as well.

      Hare Krishna.

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