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  • I have read that the Great Caviout with Owning One is that Olmost (Zero) mistake's in worship procedures are excused by them"?
    To the extent that noOne is actually qullapyed to honor One.
    Personality i'd say they belong in temples only where they can be serviced attentively 24/7/365? *CAUTION * NO would be the obveus answer. Lord Jaganath is 50% compassionate & Sri Chatonyah is the most magnanimous (All forgiving & excepting) anyway donate that to the nearist temple ASAP!
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    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    WHat I know about Saligram shilas is - one should not buy, one should get as a gift or directly from Gandaki river. 

    Each Saligram sila is representative of one Vishnu Tattva. It is a good idea to get the sila checked with an expert before installing on your altar (so you know whom is He representing). offering should be done everyday.

    Saligram is worshipped by bathing in water, offering of tulsi and chandan. This is ideally done by the men in the family. Women are not supposed to touch Saligram (in their fertile ages). Young girls and old ladies can. So you need buy in from your family. In case, men are out of town, then only matajis are supposed to touch Saligram. 


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    Radha Rasamayi DD

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