Shaligram seva

Hare Krishna!


Dear devotees,

          I somehow had shaligram ji come to me and i am very happily doing their seva, with water and tulsi how my sanyasi lord Sri Ranchoddraiji is satisfied most ...with tulsi and devotion. Right now i am concentrating on these two ideals only.

                                                  I was wondering how i shud develop and progress in seva further after sometime, as in what cud be done other than flowers ,bhog etc.

                                                  Since i have kept my shaligramji in a beautiful jewellery wooden box,,so when im travelling ,can i carry him in his box and then my hand bag.what can be the minimum thing necessary to be done when travelling?

 what are the offences to be avoided with seva of shaligramji?

                                               Since i know no karmakand,can i still worship shaligramji with the merciful help and support of Tulsi mata  and my devotion....or is karmakand  important ?

 thanks.....Hari bol!

Your servant


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  • look my friend karamkand is not important at all . the only thing required for seva is love(pure devotion) . so the time you serve the lord with full love , lord actually accepts the seva. so don't worry lord is our's so he love the way we treat him.

    moreover about increasing the seva , it can be increased by the celeberating various festivals for the lord like swing , hatri , patotsav , vivah , gopastmi , ras ,etc.. 

    radhey radhey prabhuji

    • thank you  ..prabhuji for the apt reply.


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