• Hari Bol,

        You are right prabhu in saying that it's about 'No illicit sex' and sex is fine as long its for procreation. Infact, Krishna in Srimad BhagavadGita proclaims that 'He is KAMA when it comes for procreation of Krishna Conscious children within Marriage'

        Now, if we note, SEX is not prohibited in Krishna Consciousness but it comes with certain conditions, that is,

        1] it is permitted within Marriage only, and

        2] it must be undertaken for the purposes of procreating Krishna Conscious Children.


        I hope this answers your query.



    • very true. thanks prabhu.
    • Great post! Hare krishna
      • hare krishna,
        mix the abhisheka water( you can bring it from temple or you can do in home also) of krishna to the drinking water and little bit in food.its really control mind of whom tke's my own experience about my husband
    • hare krishna prabhu
      i am very much impress with ur thoughts,will u kindly tell some more ways of controllings ourselves from the material world ,when such type of desire comes
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