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Hi all,

I i want to know and understand what kind of sex life a devotee should live

your servant

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Srila Prabhupada said all the women should get married and all the men should remain celibate. In other words we are on the horns of a dilemma. It's the material world. No one gets out of here alive. Unless, of course, they really know they're not the body. Gross sex life is guaranteed to sink anyone more and more deeply into the bodily concept of life by helping one become convinced that they can enjoy this dead lump of matter during the brief moment the indwelling spirit soul is animating it. The more I think I can enjoy, the more I must suffer.

Now this is where sublimation comes in handy. We say, "Chant these names and your life will be sublime." You can't kill or deny the sexual attraction or energy of the libido. We have to redirect this energetic power in transcendental spiritual ways according to the knowledge and wisdom of the Vedas. Many times we are told that the man can only discharge semen if the husband and wife are convinced they want to bring a child into the world and are willing to perform the required samskaras. This, of course, includes such demanding disciplines as chanting fifty rounds and contacting an astrologer to determine the best time to try to conceive. Ideally the husband and wife will also approach their guru and elder respected members of the community to beg for both permission and blessings when they decide to produce a child together.

Considering all these complications, brahmacharya or the celibate single life of a renunciant can start to look more and more appealing. Either way though, the overriding consideration is that the man can not discharge semen unless he wants to impregnate his wife. This is where sublimation becomes a very valuable and helpful part of life. Most people in today's world are opting for chemical, mechanical or governmental control. We, however, are very fortunate because we have an entire system of yoga designed to help us develop self control. It's not easy to restrain our natural urges and retain semen in all situations but if one is willing to endure the stress and even the concomitant pain and suffering, the payoff is gigantic.

There's something called ojas shakti. Someone who indiscriminately discharges semen is losing a potential energetic advantage. We come into this world radiating all kinds of energy and as we approach puberty and adolescence it localizes to the genitalia for purposes of procreation. For most people that's pretty much the end of the story. They are locked up in that situation until they go to their grave or the crematorium. If, however, we have the advantage of bhakti yoga, then we have at our disposal exercises and disciplines which will help us sublimate and redirect sexual energy in such a way that it can suffuse our entire being and leave us energized and stimulated for higher goals and purposes.
hare krishna prabhu
i am very much impress with ur thoughts,will u kindly tell some more ways of controllings ourselves from the material world ,when such type of desire comes
Great post! Hare krishna
hare krishna,
mix the abhisheka water( you can bring it from temple or you can do in home also) of krishna to the drinking water and little bit in food.its really control mind of whom tke's my own experience about my husband
very true. thanks prabhu.

Sarvopama Dasa Prabhu,

I heard in one of the Bhagavadgita lectures, Prabhupada, while explaining how easy it is to follow the 4 regulative priciples...


...."We are not saying no sex... no illicit sex" ...."so whats the problem"

From this I understood that sex is ok as long as its not illicit sex (with someone other than your wife at that time)

Am I missing something?


Hari Bol,

You are right prabhu in saying that it's about 'No illicit sex' and sex is fine as long its for procreation. Infact, Krishna in Srimad BhagavadGita proclaims that 'He is KAMA when it comes for procreation of Krishna Conscious children within Marriage'

Now, if we note, SEX is not prohibited in Krishna Consciousness but it comes with certain conditions, that is,

1] it is permitted within Marriage only, and

2] it must be undertaken for the purposes of procreating Krishna Conscious Children.


I hope this answers your query.



Hare Krishna,


Wonderful Answer Sarvopama Prabhuji, thanks a lot ...

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It's also very helpful to read Krishna Book. :D
very true!
Ashleigh's question is completely valid, if both partners are devotee it can never be obstacle but what if other is not.
if your partner is not a devotee it don't devotee it doesn't mean he/she cant be your partner. you can literate them about truth, that Krishna is only the ultimate true.
Try him to teach what ISKCON is all about hope he/She will understand. In the mean time try to balance life

your humble servant
Chant His Name.Sex energy is a manifestation of material energy which is extremely powerful. To be free from its domain in a gross and subtle sense can happen only when His mercy flows. Only Lord Krishna can dance on seven hooded Kaliya. Let us not under estimate this as this is a manifestation of His material energy. Depending on one's strength of self control is bound to failure unless there is surrendering spirit to Him .As true surendering takes deeper root the poisonous fangs of Kaliya start losing power. Otherwise, this is not possible.Other sadhanas of self-control are fine and desirable as long as we keep our perspective of Bhakti on Kishore Kishori.


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