Last night on fb devotees were having a discussion about children - and one brought up a sad topic. They said a Russian couple lost their daughter via kidnapping to the sex trade. They have never seen her since! I am only just hearing of it and the date of an old article on it was 2009. It's shocking yet time is irrelevant with distant healing. I can't imagine loosing a child to anything, what to speak of being forced into the sex trade! Please with all your hearts, yet seriousness of strength of sending, please direct healing to relocate, and reunite, this girl with her family.
I have no idea where to tell folks to direct the healing. Tho her family lives in Russia, she could be anywhere. And I think if she could escape, she would have long ago. So approach Paramatma in the hearts of these demons who stole her. Yes, may one of them slip up, not lock a door, or etc.
Plus Paramatma in her heart that when she escapes she will know its ok and even a good idea to run back to her parents. [Often these guys mess up these girls so bad, they feel embarrassed to return home, told no one would want them, or etc.]
I do have her name. It is Vishaka. She was stolen at 17 so she must be close to 30 now. 
Anyhow, do not worry about the details. Just please send strong, highly focused energy plus mantra to protect her, to help her escape, and to return her to her parents.
Thank you.
Priitaa dd
P.S. Please no comments that she must want to be there if she has not returned yet, or anything similar. Not only is that totally speculation, but if you do real investigation into how these sex slaves are treated, it is untrue. They want to escape!

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