pamho, Hare Krishna,

During around 2005, I was doing a Self-Realization Course at Juhu Temple.

The preacher had given an example of list of different types of institutions in the society doing cow protection.  And he mentioned that all these institutions are doing social service.

I raised objection in the class itself saying cow protection has been mentioned in the scriptures.  Later I read the verse in Bhagavad Gita and brought this to the notice of the preacher.  It is a verse where Krishna mentions to Arjuna that the Karma of Vaishya Community is to do agriculture, trade and business and cow protection; Krishi vanijya goraksha vaishya karma svabhavajam.

The preacher gave me some example.

After that he told me:

1.  The Mayavadis s**ke.  Is that right ?

2.  The Mayavadis are s** mongers.  Is that right ?

The conclusion was not to do Cow Protection like Mayavadis.

For the time being, I felt the things mentioned were correct.

But how would a devotee do cow protection as a service to Krishna still remains a huge question ?

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  • From the perspective of Absolute Truth, Lord is equal toward everyone and  He is nirguna or transcendental, which means He don't have material qualities which comes from  sattva, rajo and tamas guna.

    Because He is the transcendental father of all living beigns, He do not discriminate based on material  qualities such as body form. Therefore those who claim that Lord is partial, that He favouring one living entity based on external body form, do not understand Lord.

    Protection of the cows are duty of Vaishyas, such nomads goes from one hill to another in searching the good grass for the cows.  Nanda was the leader of one Vaishya community, and Krishna acted as one of them  to accomplish the mission.

    Anyway, cows are very important in Vedic society, without butter or ghee, brahmanas can not perform yagnas, and because no yagnas, human society  becomes demonic society. In demonic society, economic development and sense gratification is prominent, and this is what we have now all over the world.  

  • E-Counselor

    Again my answer is the same. A devotee will do cow protection as a service to Krsna, because cows are dear to Krsna, because protecting cows will please Krsna. 

    The act remains the same, the consciousness changes.

    I dont know what that SSR preacher said and in what context, I am simply replying your question. 

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