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Hare Krishna.

After much practicing to control the mind, i have come across a sense of duality. here my soul(self) communicates constantly with the higher self. within the same body ,self and higher self seems to be communicating with each other , mostly at a time of offering prayers.. but when in meditation , higher self seems to take control of the mind, it seems now the higher self begins to communicate with the supreme self..  what is the mystery of these bright lights of different colors behind closed eyes?  sound of silence makes the experience more intense.  every single time it cannot be imagination of the mind.  every new sound around me designs the next task. what exactly is my task on earth.        apart from meditation everything seems to be materially contaminated. how to avoid material desires and identify what is not material at all?   

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  •  how to avoid material desires and identify what is not material at all?  


    SB 12.5.4 — In a dream one can see his own head being cut off and thus understand that his actual self is standing apart from the dream experience. Similarly, while awake one can see that his body is a product of the five material elements. Therefore it is to be understood that the actual self, the soul, is distinct from the body it observes and is unborn and immortal.
    SB 12.5.6 — The material bodies, qualities and activities of the spirit soul are created by the material mind. That mind is itself created by the illusory potency of the Supreme Lord, and thus the soul assumes material existence.
    SB 3.13.49 — Nothing remains unachieved when the Supreme Personality of Godhead is pleased with someone. By transcendental achievement one understands everything else to be insignificant. One who engages in transcendental loving service is elevated to the highest perfectional stage by the Lord Himself, who is seated in everyone’s heart.

  • Hare Krishna,

    Thank you dear friends for helping me understand my own experiences.    

  • i think kushal r very good fortunate.....your symtoms is seems to indicate the krishna choosen your body and soul to make u his instrument he is an instrument player..........if am in ur situation i am sure leave all materialistic think and thought and try to contact with iskcon.....and stay there and serve for krisha as his servent for whole life and think all time only for superspiritual god(KRISHNA) of the world.....hare krishna i think you r walking the way of avatar......hare krishna....whats his lila......we dont know.

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    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Have you tried chanting the mahamantra with full concentration? I think you should - you will get some of your answers.

    The path you have chosen is often trodded alone.

    Any devotional service rendered with love and sincerity is not material at all - be it pulling the cart of Jagannath or cooking for the lord or doing deity worship/ abhishek of the deities.


    Your servant,


  • Oh...and meditation should not be apart from anything. If u sit 2 hours and the rest of your day is done unconsciously then what's the point. Everything is practice. Imo...:)
  • Anything u see will be up to u to interpret...as it is in you through your perspective. Zen calls them little intimations...some think they r more profound. Either way don't get dazzled by light shows and visions. It's not the main purpose. Keep practicing...it never ends. But anything u see can spur u to go even further for more. It's good incentive at the very least. And through referencing it to your life maybe u can find the meaning of each experience. Cool post :)
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