Hare Krishna

My daughter Krishna, is 13. She is in Foster care since Nov 2013. We can see each other just once a month for an hour. She feels very lonely. She wished she had another child about her age to talk to her, boy or girl.

She is available online from 4pm UK time in weekdays or from 10am weekends.

She was removed from my care by the North Tyneside Social Services.

You can find her on Hangouts, https://plus.google.com/hangouts, her email is rosaredxox19@gmail.com If want to know about why she is in foster care please visit  www.ukfamilycourt.com

She doesn't like the forum here because it doesn't work well on her mobile.

This is her website: www.krishnagouri.com

I miss my child so much, please pray for us. Hari bol.

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