Hare Krsna,

This may be a bit offending question but I want a clarification to this. I also had this doubt and my friend also asked me this. 

Why are there vulgar pictures, sculptures sculpted around the temple of Jagannath Puri?

And it is not the only temple. I have found many other temples have such kind of sculptings..

Please help me..

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  • dear prabhu,

          please accept my humble obeisances,

                  the sculptures found on the walls of ancient temples(like jagannath puri) may seem to be vulgar the gross eye because :

    1) the sculptures are according to the shilpa-shastra(not according to the thought/imagination of the sculptor)

     2) the scupltures need not be human beings.. they may be apsaras/yakshas,gandharvas,etc. for whom the code of conduct may be different. their dressing style/behaviour etc.. (as seen in the vedas)

    3) the sculptures are 5000 yreas old approx. the average dressing style of humans must have changed as according to the stronger advnt of the kali ..

    i hope this is the answer to your question.. thank you very much !!!

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